Cafè Mary Grace: Ensaymada at its Finest

Ensaymada is SO NOT Overrated! I’ve just fallen in love with it all over again here at Cafè Mary Grace.

Ok so maybe I’ve passed by this resto a couple of times but it was just last month that I decided to try it. Maybe because in Serendra its price was one of the most reasonable of all (plus we didn’t have to wait to be seated), after a FUN and FREE Laser Tag game at Market Market. (You can never be too old for anything!) We weren’t on a luxury dining and spending spree  so Cafè Mary Grace‘s price at P200 per head seemed decent enough for us.

One thing I noticed about this place was that it radiated a free-spirited feel with beads hanging everywhere and hand made decors all over. Tungsten lights (Yesssss.. I owe this term to a Digital Video/Photography seminar) lit the area which gave off a homey and “come hang out here” atmosphere.

 There were also pieces of paper on our table as part of their decor which we amused ourselves with. Written on it were ice breaker type of questions such as what were our 3 phobias etc. Trivial questions we wouldn’t ask each other on any day but a pretty nice discovery about the other anyway.

It was dinner time then and a bit late so I wanted something light to the tummy and easy to digest. The easy choice for me was a sandwich, one of their bestsellers no less.

Here I had their Chicken Inasal con Pandesal with Tomato Wansoy Salsa.

Chicken Inasal con Pandesal with Tomato Wansoy Salsa P193

Their pandesal would put Pan de Amerikana’s to shame. It was humongous.

So…there went my “light to the tummy” dinner 🙂 But definitely a guilty pleasure.

To wash it all down I had their Apple & Cinnamon Homemade Iced Tea.

Apple & Cinnamon Homemade Iced Tea (P75)

Apple & Cinnamon Homemade Iced Tea (P75)

On the other corner, Jason had the Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta which I didn’t pass up on tasting.

Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta (P262)

Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta (P262)

The sauce was yummy creamy and the mushroom had the right softness to it. I usually prefer red over white sauce but since then, this officially went down on one of my favorite white sauces to date.


After that episode came the best part of the meal – DESSERT!!


I’ve never gotten that excited about ensaymada until that day. And at its price, I better be!

Mary Grace Laguna Cheese Ensaymada (P155)

Mary Grace Laguna Cheese Ensaymada (P155)

 Nobody has perfected ensaymada than Mary Grace! It was hot and moist and it melts in your mouth too! As I bit into it, I could feel the tiny particles, every bit of the sugar. It was like chewing stars! It was sweet and salty – the Laguna cheese which tasted somewhat like Quezo de Bola but creamier, complimented the sweetness of the ensaymada.  Jason and I had to fight on who gets the last bite.

Gourmet ensaymada… Can’t stop gushing about it. It was so perfect! And they probably knew it was because they priced it that way.

I’m just so bitter about the price coz if it were a lot less cheaper I would have had this more often. But because it wasn’t so, then it would be just one of those moments where I’d treat myself to it should I have done something exceptionally great. But for that moment, the pricey but fine fine fine ensaymada was no doubt worth it. 🙂


Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra

Taguig City

Tel: 823 7746 /823 2954 /383 1340

Mobile No: 0917 861 6885