Cozy and comfy at Mom and Tina’s

If anything, Mom and Tina’s has mastered the art of coziness. They’ve made efforts to do so too with their yellow-lit and warm atmosphere, comfy couches and sweet notes on their menu that will make you feel just right at home.

Li'l sweet note to mom from Tina :)
Li’l sweet note to mom from Tina 🙂

 More than just  a wide array of desserts and goodies, plus their scrumptious chicken empanada (P35) [a must take home for pasalubong!], Mom & Tina’s also serves appetizing comfort dishes like my all time (oil-drenched) favorite,  Chicken n’ Chips which I can barely resist.

Chicken n’ Chips (P235)

Deep fried, breaded chicken fillet served with french fries and tartar sauce. No more, no less! I can just have these all day. Fried food is really my ultimate comfort food – remind me to cut that out from my diet soon. But for now, let me enjoy the natural high this brings. ü Other series of these were Fish N’ Chips at exactly the same price and Shrimp N’ Chips at P325. 

Mom and Tina’s Chicken Relleno wasn’t top of the line but was satisfying.

Chicken Relleno (P190)

Baked stuffed chicken slices with sauce, served with coleslaw and rice. It might appear unfilling and unfulfilling though, but don’t be fooled it’s downright comfort food and lip-smacking delicious! 

After those savory delights, we moved on to the sweets.

Mocha Fudge Cupcake (P42)

The cupcake was fluffy and the mocha-flavored icing wasn’t too sweet – the caramel fudge just added the right sweentess to it that tickled our taste buds in its creamy and sweet goodness.
Hershey’s Kisses Brownie (P30)
Small but absolutely flavorful! Mom and Tina’s Hershey’s Kisses Brownie was made to be loved. It wasn’t sinful as a moist chocolate cake – it just gave you the right dose of sweetness that would get you going for the day. It’s the instant upper and it’s bite-sized too leaving you guilt-free yet a chocolate-cake-worth of happy.
P.S. Mom & Tina’s finally opened along Katipunan! Just across the shared bridge of Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College.
 Students and Katipunan-lovers alike can now enjoy Mom & Tina’s comfort food and homey goodness whenever they want!
Been there twice and you bet it’s just as nice. For coziness though, you ought to try the one along C-5. ü
Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe
FRDC Building
106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue,
Pasig City, Metro Manila
914-0833 or 571-1541