Cibo: Perfection of al dente pasta and pizza deliziosa!

You’ll never go wrong with Cibo and on their 15th year this August, I can’t wait what they’ll come up with!

You see my favorite cuisine is really Italian (next to Filipino of course) and Cibo has satisfied my taste for the deliziosa!

It was our first time to supposedly attend the Sunday service in CCF Eastwood, but we weren’t aware of the time THEN, so we missed it. =( We just decided to have lunch instead. In the new Eastwood mall, it was a no-brainer to pick Cibo.

Spaghettini Alla Romana (P225)

 To get our fix of al dente pasta, we tried the Spaghettini Alla Romana. It was sardines, extra-virgin olive oil, fennel, chili peppers and red pesto. Absolutely delicious!

I read an article in PhilStar that years back, clients of Cibo chef and owner, Gaita Fores would complain that the sauce of the pasta was too little. She would often reply that the Italians equally celebrate the flavor of the pasta itself and its sauce. And true to what she said, the pasta in itself was already a delight and the flavor of the sauce was rich in taste complimenting it very well.

Prosciutto Di Parma (P358)

 This was their bestseller I suppose as it’s the lone pizza that occupied 1/4 page of the menu, YOU WOULDN’T MISS IT. If you can’t say it nor spell it (I had to double check their menu twice to make sure I spelled it right), you’re sure to find it anyway. Prosciutto Di Parma had a generous amount of tomatoes, Parma ham, aromatic arugula best mixed with slices of mozzarella cheese.

 For some reason, even if I chomped down the whole thing I don’t feel the least bit of guilt. It probably had to do with the arugula greens on it. And besides, cheese is healthy right? It gives us calcium…. for strong bones. 🙂 Ok I’m justifying so I could eat the whole piece. And yes my appetite is that huge.

Cibo  definitely did satisfy my Italian cuisine craving. So if you’re up for some Italian lovin’, and there isn’t a warm-blooded, all Italian male hungry for and generous on amore around. Think Cibo. Hunger no more, Italian lovin’ is right at your door! 🙂



2nd Flr. New Eastwood Mall

Libis, Quezon City