Cooking with the Athlete Chef: A Delicious & One-of-a-kind Reunion Night

Cooking – it’s one of my frustrations. So I was more than happy to volunteer myself to cook with one of my favorite chefs, Anje in one of our hopefully quarterly reunions. Yes I insisted and begged to help her cook coming in an hour earlier than expected. And Yes it was because I couldn’t forget the creamy tuna pasta she made years and years ago and wanted to learn how it was made. It was one of the best.

Thankfully she obliged to my request and soon enough I found myself in her favorite (I presume) spot in her home – the kitchen. There she gave me the task to butter the bread and toast it. So ok that was my participation. Thank you.

See the bread I buttered and toasted? 🙂

Everything happened so fast! Anje was already frying the beef patty while I was only given the time to sneak in some bites of the cajun fries.

Home of the Good Burgers

Melted cheddar cheese on our burgers. *smacks lips*

Cajun Fries – who could resist this?

Next on her to do list was to prepare the salad. One thing I learned was to use your hands in tearing the lettuce apart. Because if you use knives the leafy greens would turn bitter. Grateful for this little reminder for my future use.

Freshly grated cheese on our salad. deelish 😀

The table was set and then we were done. It was time to taste test this dinner masterpiece and oh yes, my buttered bread too.

Table set for four – missing Karla bru

Greek Salad with Yogurt Balsamic

First treat to my tastebuds was Anje’s Greek Salad with Yogurt Balsamic Dressing. Her inspiration for this was Cyma’s salad. I’m not sure if I have tried it but for me this was the benchmark already.

My first round

It had grilled chicken paprika and sweetened pecans and it was topped with freshly grated cheese. By the taste of it, it seemed like much time had been devoted to it. I love nuts in my salad so the sweetened pecans pretty much did the trick. It tasted indulgent but it was actually pretty light to the tummy.  I had another more portion of this before I went on to the next part of the meal.

Cheddar Burgers in Whole Wheat Bread

Next treat was my buttered bread.  Cheddar Burgers in whole wheat bread with caramelized onions. On the side we had Cajun Oven Fries with BBQ Chicken Liver Bits. Just the name of this meal is making my stomach growl at the moment.  The burger might I say was absolutely delicious. The onions didn’t leave the “oh I had a burger today”  breath and the butter on the bread (ahem!) contributed to the flavors of the burger patty and the onions. I’m craving for one more of this please!

This is the real yum burger

The Cajun Fries was really interesting. Who would have known that adding liver bits to it would make it more than just your regular fries. Plus the Roasted Garlic and Parmigiano Regiano Dip on it made it truly lip smacking and one-of-a-kind. Not like any that you would order in a fast food or a diner. My love for fries just got deeper.

This special dinner was also just in time set for Ria’s 25th birthday. We had cakes, coffee and French pressed coffee after.

Happy Birthday Ria 🙂

And what better way to end the night with loads of catching up and a toast to almost 12 years of friendship with Ria’s Camembert Red Wine and Mangga wine (which she discovered needed ice to be able to bring out its easy and real flavor)

Nuts and Wine

Mangga Wine

It was really nice to see you girls, looking forward to our next catch up afternoon/night 🙂

With all the cheese I’ve eaten that night, I guess it would just be right to say that these girls have been my 12 year friends and even friends for life. <3