Kogi Bulgogi: Spending a night of Sunday the Korean way

Korean dishes are one of the healthiest – according to Jason. So one Sunday night we were free to indulge in our heart’s desire of Korean food. Kogi Bulgogi in Eastwood was able to satisfy our grumbling tummies (after some strolling in Eastwood with Twix) and our healthy cravings.

We were served with appetizers called Banchan. Korean meals are usually served with various side dishes like Kimchi and Dried Anchovy.

The service wasn’t as quick. I wouldn’t notice it as Jason and I are usually engrossed in our musings and discussion while waiting for our orders. However this time we needed to follow up.

Bibimbap (Php165)

As soon as our Bibimbap arrived though, the wait became forgivable. I remembered having this the first time in our Korean friend Dury’s condominium in Katipunan. We saw him eating this mixed rice in a bowl with some orange paste. It looked kind of weird then, but when we had his Bibimbap, I wanted to go look for a place that would measure up.

Bibimbap is Steamed Rice with seasoned vegetables and egg and served in a heated stone pot. Jason did the honors of mixing all of it together and it transported me back in time to how Dury served it.

After a while though, the rice kind of stuck to the bottom of the heated plate and it became kind of crunchy.


Of course we had to have their specialty, one that lives up to its name – Bulgogi. It was US Prime marinated beef mixed with onions and mushrooms and peppered with sesame seeds. It was delicious and saucy too. It had the right saltiness to it with a hint of sweetness. I’d order this again when I’m up for another Korean night.

Chicken Ssambap

Our last order was interesting. I haven’t tried this in the other Korean restaurants. Even the name was interesting too, how do you say Ssambap again? It tasted like teriyaki chicken with vegetables and bite sized rice rolls. I kind of felt healthy since it looked like a balanced meal to me.

The staff were nice to have to let us stayed for probably 30-45 minutes after licking our plates clean. Our Korean night was really filling and our discussion well added a lot of spice to it. All in all I’d say Kogi Bulgogi was just right and I’d probably drop by again for another healthy Korean night. 🙂


Kogi Bulgogi

2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis

Quezon City, Metro Manila


Tel No: (02) 470-6884 to 85