12 Best Things of 2012

God is truly amazing! How wonderful it is to be loved by Him. God is indeed the God of the How Much More. I only earnestly prayed for three things, but more than that, He revealed Himself to me, and blessed me with so much more.

For the year that was, it was just awesome to see His hand in my life. For the forgiveness He has given me for my sins and mistakes. Despite my many failures, God’s grace is bigger. For blessing me with undeserved favors, thank you God.

There are so many things to be thankful for, a single blog entry would not suffice. So though there were countless blessings in the year 2012, I would just want to share ย the best 12.

12. Surviving the Waves of La Union

Surfing success :)

Surfing success ๐Ÿ™‚

Honestly I really thank God that despite the board banging down on my head and the accompanied wardrobe malfunction underwater, I was able to survive. It was also a great experience for being able to conquer my fear of falling into the sea (without a life vest). I’m really a wimp you see. So though it might not be an extreme sport I was able to ride through it. =)

For more of La Union click here. ๐Ÿ™‚

11. Mandarin Classes Beginner 1 and 2

Wo wan le! Xie xie ni!

Wo wan le! Xie xie ni!

Accomplished Mandarin classes for this year which I enjoyed learning. Began Basic Mandarin 1 some time January, and then Basic Mandarin 2 around September.

I prefer having short courses since I don’t have the endurance to go the full blown masteral or 4 year course (yet again). And when I found out about this class from my mom, I immediately enrolled myself and I don’t regret it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a very practical course which I could practice study with my friends and also communicate with them. Learning a new language increases your capacity to memorize and also expands your knowledge on a different culture.

10. Pru Life Training, Passing the Insurance Commission’s Licensing exam

Pru Life BTC Graduation. FINALLY!

Pru Life BTC Graduation. FINALLY!

BTC or Basic Training Course was 2 years in the making! Finally I was able to graduate this course in PruLife and also pass the Traditional and Variable Licensing exam. I couldn’t remember studying as hard as that time than when I was in college. I remember sleeping at 4AM and waking up 6 or 7 the next day to go to Makati for the exam. Hardwork paid off and thank God He allowed me to remember the answers despite my lack of sleep and the many jumbling of terms in my crammed up memory.

9. 40 Days of Love and Purpose Driven Life Series

40 Days of Love

40 Days of Love

Glad to have undergone this series led by Julius and Loraine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Group began sometime April of last year in Julius’ house, but God blessed us with more friends coming in that we had to move to CCF to accommodate everyone else. It was really a blessing to relearn Purpose Driven Life with a new purpose and that is to discover more who God is. The first time I read it, I went through it mindlessly. But when I came to know God intimately, these words gained new meaning to me.

What struck me in 40 Days of Love was to Speak the Truth in Love. The more you love the person the more you need to tell him / her what he / she is doing wrong according to God. Some people are afraid to “rock the boat” just to keep the status quo but sometimes it’s necessary for the friendship and relationship to deepen and grow.

8. Sound of Music / Phantom of the Opera

All i ask of you <3

All i ask of you <3

I’ve always liked plays and musicals so I was really thankful that the office gave out tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Jason and I watched Sound of Music on our own since I was a fan of this I really had to watch it. I could still sing the songs again and again in my head. I even remember shedding a tear or two seeing my childhood come to life through the Sound of Music. I loved both plays nonetheless one was feel good the other was heart wrenching and tragic! If this happened the day after the other I would be under an emotional roller coaster.

7. Boracay Adventuresย 



Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving

jet skiing

jet skiing

paddle board

paddle board

Despite my clumsiness and awkwardness I was just so grateful to God that I didn’t experience any accident during all these adventures. I could have easily done a silly thing underwater and panicked, or slipped on the paddle board, or fall off the jetski. (I am that clumsy believe me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but thank you God I am still alive.

6. Learning how to Cook

Just talked about this in my previous entry on Malay cooking, I placed this under my best because I really enjoyed the cooking class and more than that having fellowship with the Malays, learning more about them and about their culture. I not only took home the cooking lessons but also the friendship gained there.

5. Winning a mac book pro

thank you God :)

thank you God ๐Ÿ™‚

… In a raffle!! I don’t consider myself lucky in any raffle but praise God! He blessed me with a macbook pro during a marketing seminar I attended. At the beginning of the year my good ol’ Lenovo was beginning to give up on me. Then God knew what I needed and provided a new one for me. I could still remember my reaction, I literally jumped for joy! I even considered not finishing the raffle portion at the end of the seminar since it was already raining in Makati and I had to leave. But something just pushed me to stay a little bit longer. And to my surprise, wow. I couldn’t contain my joy! So long grace and poise I ran towards the stage, not even checking my raffle number.

Good thing I didn’t make a mistake in my raffle number or else instead of going 3rd in my best 12 of the year that would go down my list as top 1 embarrassing moment in my entire life.

4. Pre-Marital Counseling in CCFย 

This class has been truly a blessing to Jason and I. At the beginning of the year, God impressed in my and Jason’s heart to undergo Pre-marital counseling and complete the full blown 7 session, 3 hour/session series. The counseling will tackle every bit of your and your partner’s life, personality, orientation and upbringing. From your core values to communication to handling conflicts, to handling finances etc. it will paint a picture of how it’s like in married life.

As Jason would always say, it’s easy to plan for a wedding but it’s harder to plan for a marriage. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. In the eyes of God there is no such thing as divorce or annulment. As early as now we need to be convicted and committed that divorce is NEVER an option.

Here in Pre-Marital Counseling we were able to realize that marriage is indeed difficult. Some people just get into the bridal high and decide to get married the next day. But undergoing the 7 session series, we knew it wasn’t easy. We knew it will be hard work. In a way our eyes were opened to the trouble we could be facing and in the very long and extensive questionnaire we answered individually, we knew how we were going to respond to it. So were we really ready for it?

3. Big 8

Big 8 Retreat

Big 8 Retreat

Glad to have attended the CCF Singles Retreat on Following Jesus. I still attended Module 1 even though I felt I needed to go to Module 2. But God blessed me with the lives of these girls beyond measure. I am really glad to have met them. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. New and Renewed friendships and relationships


Friday Fellowship Group


Grade School – High School Friends



High School Blockseven

High School Blockseven

Thank you God for these wonderful people whom I have met and to friends I have seen again after such a long time! It was really a blessing to be given the opportunity to know them again and reconnect with my family most especially ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Getting engaged to the love of my life

Forever... soon :)

Forever… soon ๐Ÿ™‚

The 6 year journey was such a colorful ride for both of us, I didn’t even think that we would end this way. But on July 13, 2012 marking our 5th anniversary was a milestone for both of us and the best of my 2012. The proposal was such a surprise and though I didn’t shed a tear, my heart was in confusion, in shock and then it leapt for joy.

God gave me the answer to my prayer – on who is His best for me.

Plus, he gave me a romantic and dramatic love story I wanted.

I am finally getting married to the boy who teased me and made my cry, to the mentor who taught me who God is in my life, to the guy who gave me a roller coaster ride, who gave me a broken heart and then restored it, to the man who keenly studies me and understands me no matter what I do, to the man who loves me genuinely.

I couldn’t have made a better choice. He knew who was best for me.


This 2013, I am confident to hold on to God who is the God of ย promises, and so much more. I am excited to walk again with the Lord, lifting up my concerns, plans and dreams to Him and await His many surprises and promises. ๐Ÿ™‚

With that too.. I can’t wait! For May ๐Ÿ™‚

Spending and treasuring the rest of my life with God’s gift and God’s best for me ๐Ÿ™‚