The smooth and rocky road to “I Do”

Only 3 months to go before the Big Day and there is still a lot to do!

After the proposal last July 13, 2012 on our 5th anniversary, everything seemed to be on fast forward. Soon it was August, then Christmas, and now February, 3 months short of our wedding day.

I could remember the proposal like it was yesterday. Jason was a bit sneaky. Before the proposal, he already invited me to a bridal fair with me clueless as to where this will lead. I didn’t want to assume so I took that bridal fair all in stride.

On the day of the proposal, we revisited the places where we first met, where we got to know each other, and where romance finally bloomed. We first jogged in Ateneo de Manila University, (where we first had our “unofficial” jogging date during my Fencing training. No he wasn’t atenean, why was he there?? that’s a different story altogether) Then we had lunch in Katipunan, where we used to hang out during my college days.

We then moved to Greenhills (another favorite place of ours before) to watch…. Magic Mike.haha. I knew he loved me then because he agreed to watch my movie choice – I can’t help but get goo-goo eyed at Channing Tatum. Then dinner at Lugang followed. He then brought up that we should drop by a KTV place in Tomas Morato, Music Match to see our friends there. I didn’t want to then because I wanted more quality time over coffee. But I finally agreed. When I entered the room, wow! Rose petals covered the floor and candles were everywhere.

After song numbers from our friends, Jason soon went down on one knee and popped the question.

Got this letter via snail mail

Got this letter via snail mail

To which i said, YES. and YES to walking down the quite complex, sometimes smooth and sometimes rocky road to I do.

Soon after we were attending bridal fairs left and right!

The ring. on my right. (i didn't realize until later that it should be on the left)

The ring. on my right. (i didn’t realize until later that it should be on the left)

There’s Themes & Motifs, Wedding & Debuts Expo and so much more. I actually have this huge bag of flyers and CDs containing samples of various videographers and photographers which I later on gave away it was just much too much!

But more than that, we dealt with first things first. The Church and the reception. I really thank my high school friends especially Sarah Maqueda and her hubby who occasionally gave inputs. I’m so grateful that she was patient enough to answer all my questions on weddings and she walked me through wedding musts and details, all the way from Singapore and over Facebook!

2 of the memorable advice I got from people I talked to were:

1. Don’t get full wedding coordination, you only get married once it’s an experience to actually go through all the planning.

2. Expect arguments/disagreements with your  hubby during the planning of the wedding

These thoughts accompanied me all the way during my planning.

I don’t really have a dream wedding, so everything was pretty much okay with me. Well that’s what I thought.

As soon as I entered bridal websites like Bride and Breakfast or Bridalbook, a whole new world opened up to me.

Who would think that there would be so many considerations??? On churches, reception, budget, and flowers. Wow. I’ve never realized until then that there were so many flowers – of every color and of every kind! Which season they bloom, which are expensive, cheaper etc. Little by little my dream wedding was starting to take form as I pored over bridal pictures and articles. I found out that there are things which I didn’t like and which didn’t suit my taste. Like colors, or gown designs, or video treatments in wedding videos.

I was a typical girl after all. Who would get excited about wedding planning (to which I thought I would just shrug off and just say, come what may).

About a month and a half after, we booked our church and reception after my powerpoint proposals of various hotels and event places to Jason.

We then moved to booking our wedding planner whom we discovered and saw twice in bridal fairs. Meant to be? I just know and trust that God is leading us to the right suppliers.

Then after browsing through various websites, recommendations and attending bridal fairs. After scouting for and meeting videographers, pencil booking them, setting an appointment and then scrutinising their work, and of course with consideration to our budget, we then made our decisions on our videographer and photographer.

Gown came up next and this really took a while for me. But last November I’ve finally made my choice and I’m happy 🙂

Then came the wedding bands/rings which I’m very grateful to God for the unexpected gift.

There are still several more left to book, to research on and with only a few months to go.

I’m really glad that Jason is super hands on! Some guys would find going to bridal fairs a drag. but Jason is really patient in all the bridal fairs. He would ask the suppliers, interview them and even find something to do like look closely at the quality of wedding rings. He would also agree to wait with me should I decide to do my trial hair and makeup (which would take about an hour!)

When it comes to deciding on suppliers, I would first do my research, make an appointment with them and “screen” them. When okay with me, I’ll pass the suppliers on to Jason and he’d be the one to give the final say.

Jason would also guide me on what to book next, which suppliers I need to find next. Planning became so much easier and less stressful with a partner that you could always count on.

Yes I would admit that we’d have arguments and often get cold feet. To the point of considering not pushing through with it. But with God as our guide, we would always find ourselves restored and reconciled. I guess it’s normal to have arguments and we really get to know each other through the process, what I want, what he wants. What issue shouldn’t hog the spotlight too long like which supplier to get, and which should be dealt with more seriously like the attitude of our hearts during this whole planning process.


I’ve always just passed by milestones in my life, without relishing every moment. But this time I want to write it down with the last 3 months. I want to just relish the challenges of planning and dealing with them, to go through the excitement and anticipation of finally getting married to someone you’ve loved and hated for over 6 years. To look forward to what lies ahead – to the family that we want to have, to the children that we would want to raise. We aren’t only planning for a wedding, but we are planning for marriage as Jason would often remind me when we would go into heated arguments. He would often remind me of that when I would often lose sight of the goal which is to bring glory to God through this, and to slowly fit into my role as a wife.

I’m just thankful for God for the gift of union, for planting in our hearts the capability to truly love.

I’m really excited for what God has in store for us, how we would see His fingerprints in both our lives from now until the end of time 🙂