No holds barred – Family Planning Seminar

If you thought that reproductive health class or biology was boring back in grade school,  you won’t see it that way until you hear it from the straightforward speakers in Marikina Health Center.

I felt like a kid (that I know i still am sometimes) amused and reactive from all those terms I heard in the seminar.

I guess back in grade school it was irrelevant to discuss about when you were going to have your period, how you count the days till your next red day (as my Korean students before would call it). But now with the huge Philippine population, i feel it’s my duty to be aware of these available options for responsible parenting.


For 1 whole day, from 8am – almost 5pm we made ourselves comfortable in Marikina Health Center.

We had a total of 5 sessions, 2 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Our first session began with a pastor reminding us about the value of marriage. On how couples would change from being the sweet boyfriend and girlfriend who can’t tear themselves apart from each other to the irritable husband and wife married life scenario.

Marriage is sacred and it is forever, it is not just a commitment to your partner but a promise to God. 

So thank you pastor we are reminded of this.

Next seminar had to do with observing the wife’s fertile periods. I couldn’t care less about this before and I don’t even observe the body changes. But now that our speaker mentioned those, well okay, noted.

It was also amusing to see the speaker’s demo on how cellphones can actually cause sterility. Cellphones have high radiation and most of the time, we place it in our pants pockets. This could then affect our areas and be the cause of infertility.

The after lunch session really woke everyone up. This time the speaker talked about the various options for family planning.

She also recommended that the gap between children should be about 3-5 years of age. This is so that the parents would have time to adjust to each child and give them each the attention they would need.

The natural and modern way of family planning was also discussed and this actually gave a new point of discussion for Jason and I.

She also stressed the importance of having 1 partner since having more than 1 could cause really horrible STD’s.

Next session was about raising children. Point i got here was to teach children the proper way of calling their private parts. Never call them the birds and the bees. Or even the colloquial Filipino terms of it. Why hide its real name and cover it for what it really is. It will only cause confusion / shame.

Last but not the least, we were also taught the proper way to breastfeed. Here I learned a lot and would still want to learn more. I read about how breastfed children have higher iq and how they are healthier and aren’t prone to illness. I got really interested in this part and I hope I could breastfeed when I become a mother later on.

Jason and I agreed that if only people would take advantage of these seminars provided by the government and really take it to heart, then we would really learn a lot from these services. It is our right and privilege to be able to have these and it’s better to claim it.

It also opened up a whole new discussion for Jason and I since we haven’t talked about those things yet. It’s better to plan and be prepared if you can help it rather than be caught unaware.

As for me, those are the basics everyone of us should know. But I’d be open to study more about breastfeeding and family life as early as now and not just when my mother instincts kick in. 🙂