Cool and creamy Morelli’s Ice Cream

The humid weather, a tiny drop of sweat on my neck, and the late sunset. Summer has finally arrived. The ice cream business is about to get hot once again and my tastebuds are longing for a cool and creamy surprise.

With the lines and the people crowding around Morelli’s Ice Cream in Powerplant Mall, I think it’s about time to taste this popular ice cream and see for myself what’s all this commotion about.

Photo grabbed from Morellis website :)

Photo grabbed from Morellis website 🙂

Their gelato is served in either a cone / cup.

For 1 scoop – Php 120.00

2 scoops – Php 170.00

3 scoops – Php 210.00

I couldn’t get enough of Nutella so though I wanted Hazelnut too, I just opted for the first. Chawie had the Hazelnut and Toneth had their Pistachio.

When my tastebuds recognized the Nutella flavour it wanted more. It kind of felt shortchanged because the Nutella wasn’t as indulgent as I thought it would be.

I also tasted Chawie’s hazelnut which I liked very much thank you. (I actually finished her order. Hehe) Toneth’s Pistachio scoop was okay. It was Pistachio alright. Not too sweet and it really screamed Pistachio inside my mouth.

My Morelli's

My Morelli’s

Overall, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. It was too pricey for that taste which I think is nothing really special. It also easily melted as compared to (well.) Dairy Queen. =)

Selling Ice Cream Machines in CT Concepts Enterprises, I know that this ice cream could melt a little longer. But what the heck, it’s summer 🙂

If you pass by Powerplant Mall, have Morelli’s just for the experience. 🙂


Morelli’s Gelato

Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Drive Corner Estrella Street
Makati City 1200


Gia Mendoza

CT Concepts Ent.