Save the Date Video Planning

All love stories are the best in their own and special way. And for me doing the Save the Date (STD) Video project was a venue to relate our story – how it all began and how it blossomed to become what it is.

STD Video is usually a Teaser inviting family and friends to block off the date of the wedding. (In absence yet of the wedding invitations) It can be as short as 30 seconds or in our case as long as 1 whole song.

Some would usually do away with it as this is only a cherry on top. But i’m really a sucker for literature, poetry and romance so I had no qualms in taking the chance.

Since it was going to be our first and last time to have the license to be the star of our own video (unmindful of violent objections and reactions :p), might as well reveal our long-hidden game faces and bring it on.

Other things we considered and prepared for were:

1. Location – which we decided to be in Ateneo since it was my alma mater. Shooting in ADMU was free but we just needed to secure permits to be approved by the Administrative Services. This took me around 1 week.

2. Props – this will be determined by the elements in the story.

3. Hair and Make Up – you can opt to use your HMU artist for the wedding itself and do the trial on your STD Video shoot day, this is more practical and reasonable.

4. Clothing – prepare at least Β 2-3 attires you can mix and match. Also ask your videographer on his must and must not wear. E.g. if your dress should be plain since your background is already bright and busy as it is.

5. Food – Anticipate a half day shoot, so pack some lunch for yourself and your suppliers as well.

(Optional) 6. Powerpoint planner – Indicated in my planner is the agenda for the shoot day, e.g. 11AM – Hair and Makeup, 12NN – lunch, 1PM – ocular, 1:30PM begin shoot. Also the shots of the place so the videographer would have an idea etc.

We are very blessed to have a brilliant supplier like Marvin Barbarona of Marvin Barbarona Videography.Β He was very accommodating to our requests especially with our request that he brainstorm with us on several meetings and also craft the elements of the story.

I’m really grateful to God that while I was riding the cab on the way back to the office from a meeting, he revealed the story that encapsulates and summarizes our story – one that we would use for our STD Video.

As we excitedly shared the story to Marvin, we were pleased to see that he responded with a burst of ideas on how to execute it.

But the biggest challenge was this: our request on how to isolate the colored cinematography from the gray background or foreground.

I'm not sure if i'm the only one who does this. but i was excited doing it :) Jason & Gia storyboard

I’m not sure if i’m the only one who does this. but i was excited doing it πŸ™‚ Jason & Gia storyboard

Ok maybe i was too excited. Page 2 :)

Ok maybe i was too excited. Page 2 πŸ™‚

Even went on to Page 3.

Even went on to Page 3.

I was really happy when Marvin said that yes he can do it. He will find a way how to execute this gray to colored, or coloured video within the gray background.

On the actual shoot day, we were expecting thunderstorm as per the weather forecast. And yes it did rain but we were able to shoot most parts already on the bit of the sunshine God gave us.

Hair and Make Up by the wonder hands of Nikki Betos

I came unkempt and left the place, decent. Hair and Make Up by the wonder hands of Nikki Betos

Playing around with Marvin's and Archie's lens

Playing around with Marvin’s and Archie’s lens



The night before, I was inspired to write the poem to be used during the shoot. I am really thankful that God always comes through in times when I need just a dot of His creativity. Who better to coach me and grant me creativity but the creator of glorious Heaven and the complexities and brilliance of Earth.

A piece of the poem, Upward Spiral

A piece of the poem, Upward Spiral

Marvin working his magic

Marvin working his magic


Behind the Scenes with MBV :)

Behind the Scenes with MBV πŸ™‚

The CD trick which is great for beauty shots :)

The CD trick which is great for beauty shots πŸ™‚


We began shooting at 1PM and ended at 5PM. Tired but content, drizzled on by the rain but smiled like the sunshine. Thank you to Marvin Barbarona and Archie Manalo, also Nikki Betos.

After a month, our STD Video was finally released and the first time I saw it I couldn’t help but cry. It was what I envisioned it to be and I was very happy that Marvin executed it perfectly. I just added in some words (being the wordy person that I am) also called cargen or text graphics, just to add more effect to it.

But the way it was, I was completely content and happy.

It really is a blessing to have a creative and flexible supplier who is ready to adjust to the client’s needs and even able to exceed your expectations.

Through the video, Jason and I were able to relive how each of us colored each other’s worlds and look back on it in the years to come.

Click on the link below to see the video πŸ™‚

Jason and Gia, Save the Date Video, Color my World from Marvin Barbarona Videography


Hair and Make Up by Nikki Betos

Location: Ateneo de Manila University

Videographer: Marvin Barbarona Videography