Living for an audience of One

I tend to read several books interchangeably and among all those, there’s this one book I find really special and striking. The Joy of Marriage God’s Way is a gift given during our wedding and I believe it to be relevant especially to our new life.

It’s really my heart to learn how to make our marriage a godly one, one that is pleasing to God and to God alone. However, sometimes I get sidetracked and I live my life according to what others find acceptable. One that promotes “do what makes you happy, if he loves you, he’ll understand”. But when I think about it, is this really glorifying to God? Is my happiness, success as a person, and comfort really more important than my husband’s?

I’m thankful to have a husband who listens to me when I argue my case and considers my point however unreasonable it may be. But at the end of the day, when I do get what I want, please other people by doing what they think is right, I find the happiness and fulfilment short-lived. Not to mention the nagging conscience and that guilt of not doing what you’re supposed to – aligning with God and obeying Him first.

For some reason when we got married and were given God’s blessing, there is this invisible cord that binds us together. In spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological. When I hurt him with sharp words, I hurt inside too. When I decide to live my life without consideration of him, I feel something missing. When it is proclaimed in the wedding, in Genesis 2:24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh, it means that husband and wife are one. That we are one. Whatever I do to my husband, will also affect myself whether now or in the long run.

In Pre-Marital Counseling in CCF 1 Year ago, we discussed the order of priority when it comes to marriage. 1st Priority is God, 2nd your Spouse, 3rd your children, 4th your work, 5th your ministry.

(When single, order of priority is: God, family, work, friends, ministry)

Anything that comes first before the order of priority might be a cause of problem in marriage. Our marriage is an early one and somehow I can see the truth of this. And what I understand is that when I obey God, I cannot go wrong. I just need to be pleasing to One and live my life for an audience of One, and I believe that a lifetime of wedded bliss is possible.

Sharing an excerpt from the book I’m reading 🙂

“So how can a husband meet his wife’s need for unconditional love? We need the assurance that we are loved just as we are and that our husbands will stick by us no matter what. We also need our husbands to remind us that God loves us and to seek comfort in His love. After all, our true source of fulfillment comes from an audience of One – Jesus Christ.

Women are usually connected to their husbands, children, careers and people in their lives, and as a result, they strive to be pleasers rather than to be pleasing.

But the bottom line is, you can’t please everybody. When your life ends, there will be an audience of One – Jesus Christ, before whom we will lay our lives. Live your life for an audience of One and you’ll be sure to please God.”