Coffee, Car accidents & Compassion

It’s quite a rare sight to see me on-the-go and go “aye aye captain” when my alarm clock goes off. So when it happened one morning and at an earlier time than usual, I felt good about myself. I didn’t hit the snooze button in my alarm clock and I immediately got up to work. It was a Sunday then and I was meeting a client for my Prulife UK business.

I quickly took a shower, cooked breakfast for the hubby, grabbed the keys to his car and drove off to meet my client in Marikina Sports Center.

I felt on the roll accomplishing one task after the other. After the short meeting, I wanted to surprise my hubby that morning with quite good coffee. I hurried to the Drive Thru and got him an Americano and then rolled out of the driveway in haste.

I wanted to rush home then so I could surprise him with the coffee in time for his breakfast. Unfortunately a taxi was in the way. I was trailing quite close behind and it stopped at the middle of the road to pick up a prospect passenger. The negotiation between driver and passenger took quite a long time and I wanted to proceed with my business. I was getting impatient.

I knew at the back of my head that a tricycle was behind me since I saw it in rearview. But in a split second I forgot about it, hit reverse and stepped on it. And then it happened. My first ever car accident. 

The tricycle driver was nice as he let me off without punishing me and claiming damages. He let me off, he was understanding that I was driving an automatic and it can be a normal problem with it. He just warned me to be careful next time.

I was scared of the consequences, I was even scared to tell my husband about it. I didn’t know how he would respond. I knew he was particular about his car. It was my first car accident and with my husband’s car. He trusted me with it and lent it to me and yet there I was returning it with an ugly dent in the bumper.

The moment I burst in through our door, I immediately told him what happened and that I was very sorry about it. (In my mind though I felt pride seeping in. I was already thinking how to pay for the damages and about to propose that to him.)

My husband’s response took me by surprise. He gave me a hug and told me, “Don’t worry about it, I’m just glad you’re safe.” It was the shock of my life.

This is what grace feels like. An undeserved favor. Even if I don’t deserve to be treated that way, I experienced it from God time and again. But of course I had to live with the consequences. We had to live with the consequences. This was the ugly dent in the bumper.

 My husband was compassionate and forgiving about it. I was and am very grateful for him. Even if it was my fault, my impatience or distractedness, and my pride which I need to change, he was merciful enough to let it go and he was more concerned about my well being than the car.

On my end I felt guilty and told myself not to take driving for granted. Sometimes when it becomes routine, you tend to lose focus about it and let your mind wander off.

I really admire my husband for what he did. I am really thankful for the times when he is indeed showing me how to love me as God loved him.

And I became more thankful of God for so. For being so gracious and compassionate that I was let off twice that day. Something worse could have happened. I could have stepped on the gas harder, totaled the bumper and hurt the tricycle driver. But thank God it didn’t happen!

Even if God knew my heart, He showed that His mercy is greater than my sinful heart. And that I shouldn’t trample on His mercy and instead discipline myself to take away that sin and even pride (to pay for my sins, or pay for the damages for the car) in my heart.

It may then be just coffee. It was then just a dent.


But through it all I saw how God’s compassion worked through the tricycle driver and  my husband most of all in that incident.

Psalm 145:8 The Lord is gracious and compassionate,
    slow to anger and rich in love.