Paint & Toast at Sip & Gogh

Between the two of us, my hubby is the artist. He must be. After 4 years of Fine Arts in UST. :p

Here at Sip & Gogh, I was able to channel my inner painter or the tiny bit of artistic DNA I have in me.


As we stepped into the brightly lit studio, I instantly felt the positive atmosphere of the place. Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves and the staff was also very friendly and bubbly. It’s as if you knew each other from way back.

They really do drink the glass of mixed paint :P

They really do drink the glass of mixed paint 😛

We assessed the area and spotted this on the wall. I couldn’t help but giggle at Rule # 2. When the staff overheard us talking about it, they affirmed that customers indeed make the mistake of drinking the paint water. What a laugh 😀 But secretly I knew if I didn’t watch it, I would be making that mistake too.


By the sink

By the sink

The place was very creative, it inspired us to bring out our inner Gogh.


My hubby and I had a hard time picking what painting to duplicate. They had painting pegs for couples. These are paintings in 2 canvasses that are connected with each other. We then decided to pick a single canvas painting which will be split into 2 canvasses.


I also spotted a painting of a couple sharing an umbrella and decided to import this into our canvas to make it a bit more original.

They served us appetizers, and we also had a choice of white or red wine as we painted. I read somewhere that alcohol helps you loosen up and unleash your creativity. And for some, their alcohol allergy. For me though, it was quite an experience painting and toasting to art.

Wine, Appetizers and our Peg

Wine, Appetizers and our Peg


The staff gave us a palette with different colors and soon we were painting away.



Since I was relatively new to this, the staff + my [supposedly art teacher] hubby guided me on the brushes I needed to use specifically for the leaves or the tree trunks. They oversee the painters at work.

My hubby was quick to finish his side of the painting. I had difficulty painting the couple and it took me about 20 minutes or so after my hubby was done.

Saving the best for last.

Saving the best for last.

Nevertheless, I was proud of it. My second masterpiece.

Hers and His. Tanging Silungan.

Hers and His. Tanging Silungan.

In sunny days or even in the storm, our shelter would be in each other’s arms.

Cheesy. Hehe. But I suddenly remembered our vows when I looked at it. We put this painting up on our wall to remind us to cleave to each other in sunny or stormy days.

The mandatory Sip & Gogh official photo

The mandatory Sip & Gogh official photo

One of our goals this year is to make new fond memories together as a couple. This is one of those. Challenging each other yet helping each other out all for the purpose to create something beautiful.

The experience of sitting side by side with other talented people was worth it. Also for dating, it’s nice to take a break from the usual movie and dinner night and bond over the arts.

I enjoyed this unique experience, but since I’m living with an artistic husband, I’m just glad to have art or painting lessons at no cost, unhurried moments, and maximum bonding time in our home. 🙂

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Sip & Gogh

1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1119 Quezon City, Philippines

+632 961 – 1248