Valentine’s Date: The date that almost never happened

My husband wanted to make our first Valentine’s special so he prepared for it weeks in advance. Unfortunately what he didn’t and couldn’t prepare for was the flu right smack on Valentine’s Day.

2 Days before Valentine’s Day, I got the sweetest note along with gorgeous orange roses delivered to our house. But since we live in the 3rd floor and the receiving area for mail, bills and such were on the 1st floor, I wasn’t able to do the classic surprise look with matching teary eyes should the doorbell be rung and the roses are laid on my arms. (My husband got the flowers instead and I just saw the flowers on our dining table). Nonetheless when I read that short and sweet note, my heart melted. I thought to myself that Valentine’s Day looks promising.

Card and FlowersThe build up towards Valentine’s Day got me curious and excited. He already made reservations in Vieux Chalet a Swiss Restaurant in Antipolo.

When we were still boyfriend and girlfriend and going on special dates I would recall the day starting out right but ending up sour. It would often be because we had high expectations on these occasions and we failed to live up to it. I admit and probably he too, that he wasn’t the best boyfriend (like I wasn’t the best half). But I must say he’s a better husband than when we were dating. I would often compare him to choice wine as he gets better every year. (#honeymoonphase #thefirstyear :P)


My hubby kept asking me if I was looking forward to that day, and of course I was. I honestly thought I was the girl who didn’t care much about flowers or guys planning on special days. But my hubby woke up a dainty (and fragile) damsel deep within me. I am still pleased at how he is still trying to win my heart and pursue me even more now that we are married.


Come Valentine’s Day, we woke up with my hubby feeling under the weather. He was in a bad condition and his joints were aching. I told him that we could just cancel our Valentine’s Date but he insisted to get on with the usual program.

 We hoped that he would get better as the day wears on but come 4:30PM he still looked flushed with his temperature I think, a bit higher than normal. He didn’t let it get to him and still tried to create a romantic atmosphere.

As I sat in the car, he popped in a Vienna Teng CD, which was the CD we listened to on our first year of knowing each other in 2006. I found out before that this was plus points for a guy for a Vienna Teng ambiance and music while driving 🙂

We arrived at 5:30PM and good thing he was already feeling better. Since it was early we just took photos around the place. It had a pool, a garden and textures around which are great for Pre-Nups and Pictorials.

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Dragon Fruit plant they gave to couples :)

Dragon Fruit plant they gave to couples 🙂

The dining place was quite small which could be occupied by around 6 pairs at a time only. It was fine with me since it gave off an intimate ambiance and we could enjoy semi privacy.27

We enjoyed a Valentine’s set menu and just by looking at the course, I felt full already.


First served was the appetizers or the Amuse Bouche paired with white wine. The Swiss cheese was exquisite. I must say this got my appetite going. I unabashedly asked my hubby’s share of cheese that he couldn’t finish. I really loved it. A Trio Appetizer was also given for us to devour. It was a happytizer moment indeed :p


Next was the Solferino Soup which I believe is tomato based.

Solferino Soup

Solferino Soup

Then we were given Pomegranate Jelly each to cleanse our palates preparing us for the Main Course.


Hubby had the Cornish Game Hen for his main dish, this was best paired with red wine. And might I mightily say, The serving was HUGE. 🙂 It was as if it was the only dish they had prepared for us that night, like we weren’t eating anything else besides that.


I had Faux Fillet paired with white wine which was delicious! Unfortunately though I think had too much of the appetizer, I couldn’t enjoy the main dish as much as I would have wanted to.


I always have room in my tummy for dessert and I honestly think I had too much of sweets during that time. Now I could’t have as much. Hehe. I attacked this Trio of Desserts and well it was good for a last hurrah of sweets indulgence.


It was a sumptuous Valentine’s dinner we enjoyed with a live quartet as background music.

From that day starting out bad to ending pretty well it actually made a 180 from the time when we were dating during special occasions.  Praise God for those moments and moments like this. We are able to appreciate it now because of those experiences before. Praise God also that He healed Jason temporarily for about 2 hours or so to spend this lovely night and let it go according to plan.

I asked my hubby why he insisted to push through with the date, was it because he already made reservations? He said well yes. But he also wanted to erase the bad memories and replace them by creating good and new memories with me.

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I’m a melting Swiss cheese. =’)


Vieux Chalet

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