Casa Renato in Fairview


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For those who’ve lived in Farview almost all their lives like me (except since last year I moved to Marikina), you’d be saying WHUT?? There’s a restaurant like that here? 🙂 Only those who’ve lived / who’s residing in Fairview … Continue reading

RYU Ramen & Curry in UP Town Center


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Nothing gets me in the mood for a good bowl of steaming hot ramen than a heavy downpour. So it was an easy choice for my husband and I when we went to UP Town Center for dinner on a … Continue reading

Nuezca Cafe Review| Invading Maginhawa Street

Our friend forwarded us a map of restaurants along Maginhawa Street some time ago. One rainy night, my husband took me out to try a restaurant along that road. There were a lot of choices but we finally settled on Nuezca Cafe.

This dining place is second to the farthest in right side of Maginhawa coming from Magiting street. The dining area is on the second floor as we had to climb the stairs going there. The place was really homey, they boasted of organic lutong bahay dishes, and ingredients that they grow in their own farm in Zambales.

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Inside Nuezca Cafe

Inside Nuezca Cafe

What we liked about the place is we can just chill and unwind here. There was television  so we could watch while dining, but at the same time it wasn’t that loud as to be too distracting if we wanted to converse instead. Customers seemed to be residents living nearby and they appeared to be and feel right at home in Nuezca Cafe.

Their kitchen had a glass window that separated it from the dining area. Customers then could see their orders cooked fresh and they can be assured of the restaurant’s sanitation.

Pininyahang Manok (Php 270.00)

Pininyahang Manok (Php 270.00)

My husband ordered their Pininyahang Manok which is one of their specialties. I thought I wouldn’t like it at first since I’m not a fan of pineapple-based dishes. But it was surprisingly good, the pineapple didn’t taste that strong as it was already mixed in with the other ingredients. Jason didn’t like it though, he liked my choice better. (hehe)

Butterfly Tilapia (Php 230.00)

Butterfly Tilapia (Php 230.00)

I’m a fan of anything fried (gulp), so I got their Butterfly Tilapia which is one of their bestsellers too.  It was served with soy sauce and atchara on the side. It wasn’t salty but as I remember it wasn’t that crunchy either. It was probably their style of serving it as not being too crispy.

The poor Tilapia was sucked dry when we were done with it. :p

We liked the dining experience here. TV, great food (not to mention organic), and a homey atmosphere. We would certainly come back for a relaxed Saturdate night. 🙂

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Nuezca Cafe

53 Maginhawa St. cor. Mahusay St., UP Village, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

(+63 917) 933-1206

A Tale of Two Teacher Jason’s

My name is Gianina which came from the name “John” meaning “God is gracious”. I mentioned this to my husband and that God has been gracious to me and my sister (Johanna) all our lives.

One time, I told my husband of 2 different men in my life who has the same name (let me call them Mr. J).

The first man I knew, Mr. J-1 had claimed to know Jesus but his actions proved otherwise. This then has been a barrier for me to get to know Jesus. (More on this in another entry 🙂 But God is gracious. Early this year, I met another man Mr. J-2 who has even divulged Jesus to me, backing it with untainted character thus leading me to know Jesus in a deeper way. I suddenly remembered the bible verse in Romans 5:15, that through one man we have sinned (Adam) and through one man, we have been saved (Jesus).

Over breakfast yesterday, my husband asked me, “how about Jason, it’s unique right? Is there any other Jason that you’ve encountered before me?” (in my mind I thought “fishing”! haha but well.) I initially said no, but when I thought hard about it, there wasn’t any other “special Jason” I’ve met but there was one Jason I knew.

Teacher Jason.

Teacher Jason was a tutor of one of my best friends back in high school. He was a math and science whiz. He could break down mind boggling math problems and simplify it to a level we could understand. I secretly envied my friend then since she had her own personal tutor. After a perplexing geometry or algebra lesson in school she gets to have a Teacher Jason at home who would help her figure out the problems, aid her in answering a homework, and guide her in every step until she gets it.

Teacher Jason was very patient with her and me too. Thanks to my friend, I get to share Teacher Jason as he would help me over the phone and dictate the next steps in the math problem so I could study those on my own.

Teacher Jason was such a blessing to her and me at that time. Math was a subject I dreaded (Trigo was an exception :P).  I was so glad to have someone to consult when those math problems get the best of me and I find myself at a dead end.

When I grew up, math problems evolved into real problems and subjects that I’d like to avoid. God’s graciousness doesn’t stop. Another “Teacher Jason” came along to help me look at those real problems and challenges in the eye.

Who would think that another “Teacher Jason” would come into my life? Not just a teacher in school but a teacher of life. The best part was I get to have him at home this time and have him answer not just silly or practical questions but even questions regarding my faith – sharing that same interest of mine. A Teacher Jason who could break down puzzling problems and simplify it to something I can understand. Who would guide me in work, decision making and even managing our home so it would not be too overwhelming for me.

God gave me a new Teacher Jason to help, care for me and guide me through life. Sometimes it  is just amazing how when you look back at your life and see the goodness of God. How when we have talks over how God has given us blessings throughout the years though we may not deserve it.

God is indeed gracious for giving me the two Mr. J’s and the two Teacher Jason’s. Nothing is a coincidence when we accept God in our lives.


My mom named me “Gianina” which came from the name “John” meaning “God is gracious”. Indeed our names testify that God has been gracious to me and my sister (Johanna). His handprint is visible in the course of our lives to show He knows and cares for our needs, that He has never forgotten us and will never forget us. 🙂

My very own Teacher Jason :) (teaching summer art classes)

My very own Teacher Jason 🙂 (teaching summer art classes)