Greeka Kouzina in P. Guevarra | Indulgent Greek food

I got to first try this much raved about restaurant last December 2013 with my Dgroup and I loved the experience here! Known for their family / for sharing and quality Greek and Mediterranean food, Greeka Kouzina is a go to place whenever you’re craving for Souvlaki and you go in groups. The price was reasonable for its serving size and we got to split the calories too.


I related that experience with Jason and he wanted to try it out too. So one time after visiting a client in P. Guevarra, we decided to eat in Greeka Kouzina and invited Julius over.

We got there early, I think around 5pm, they open at 6 for dinner. So we waited a while outside and decided that it’s time for a photo.


Click. Click. Click. Okay it’s still not 6 yet we hung out in the car and finally a little before 6, the doors opened and we were on our way to savor Greeka’s food moments. đŸ™‚


For appetizer, we got their Melitzanosalata (say what?) or Eggplant Dip (Php 155). It’s eggplant grilled over charcoal with tomatoes and feta cheese. YUM. I was already very much satisfied and full with this! Good for 4-5, just add more pita! We found that the dip was quite a lot for the pita bread so we ordered another pita.


Next we had the Greek Caesar Salad (Php 390) served with their very own dressing which is made from 100% greek yogurt and the clincher, it’s fat free! I’m not sure though that since I had almost half of it, if the fat free still applies with its bacon bits and indulgent cheese. This is actually good for 4 but since Julius was on fasting that time, Jason and I got more (of the salad) than we could ask for.


Now this! is what I’m talking about. Their Beef Souvlaki (Php 495) which is my favorite! Char-grilled skewers of meat and vegetables with your choice of siding. For me this is good for just 3. The beef was really juicy and tender and it was rich in flavor. The next time I come here, I think I will be torn if I should have this again or I should try another on their menu for a change.


We had Yemistes to go with the Beef Souvlaki. It was basically stuffed pepper Greek rice with pine nuts, raisins and tomatoes. Good for 1-2. But since I am on an eternal no rice diet (except on very special situations), I just had a bite and Jason had most of my share. 2 happy people for this stuffed pepper rice.

It’s always a pleasure to dine with the company of a good friend, this was the icing on an indulgent rich chocolate truffle cake (yes, that specific :p). Talking about Julius’ upcoming retreat that time, sharing our discoveries on lessons God is teaching us, and catching up on each other’s lives. The experience here was filling for both the tummy and the soul.

With its filling and appetizing menu plus their huge serving size, I must say it’s indulgent, truly Greece-sent.







Greeka Kouzina

285 Pedro Guevarra St, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 2 624 5974