Singlish Cafe Review | Lilac Street Invasion

In celebration of my ate Johanna’s (who’s currently in Singapore) birthday last January, Jason and I decided to check out Singlish Cafe in Lilac Street.


Malayo man, malapit rin. 🙂

Lilac Street is near to us maybe a 10-15 minute drive from Marikina. When we entered Singlish Cafe we found that it only had a seating capacity of 18 pax or even less.



Their Barley with Lemon drink (Php 75) was nothing special.

What I loved in their menu was their Roti Prata with curry sauce (Php 98). I’m not a fan of curry but their curry was very much appetizing.


It doesn’t look that way though. :p I liked their roti since the bread was very soft and it didn’t taste like dough. It had a life of its own apart from the curry sauce. The next time I visit I know that I’ll have this again.


Jason got Bak Kut Teh which is an Herbal Pork Spare Rib Soup (Php 188) served already with steamed rice. The order was good for 1. I liked the flavor of their soup but having gotten to try it was enough.


I felt adventurous that time and I wanted to tickle my tastebuds with spice so I got their Sambal Spicy Burger (Php 188). All i can say is WHY? Why did I order this again? It sounded interesting at first, for what’s a Singaporean dish without sambal?

It was incredibly spicy at first bite! It looked like a regular burger but the spice made all the difference. My mouth was on fire. I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the burger so I tried scraping off the chili but my poor tongue already suffered the consequence. I was really convinced I loved spicy food until I got to try this one. Jason was snickering the whole time but of course I didn’t want him to miss out so I shared with him a bite of fire. :p

Overall the experience here was okay, it was worth our effort as we’re just a few minutes away. And if we’d like to taste Singapore by not (literally) going the extra mile then we’d settle for this modest cafe nearby.

Happy Belated Birthday to my fun-loving, adventure-seeker sister, I hope we can spend your other birthdays here again! 🙂



Singlish Cafe

60-C Lilac St., Lilac, Marikina, Metro Manila