5 Things I appreciate about YOU in Year 2

Hi Beb, Happy Anniversary! 🙂

There are so many things that I appreciate about you but I’d like you to know some of the things that I feel any wife would appreciate about their husband. Written here are the things I appreciate most about you in Year 2.

It’s been a while since I wrote you so here it goes.. 🙂

Don’t you agree that year 2 passed by too fast? I would often ask you, can you imagine us when we’re old and gray? And it’s true what you would often say, “mabilis lang yan” and fast it was. You would often tell me you won’t see me looking older because I will always look the same to you, you will always see who I was when you first met me, I will always be beautiful in your eyes.

I still remember when I first met you 9 years ago in my white shirt, jeans and slippers, I was young and idealistic and highly argumentative and defensive. Am I still now? I hope not (except for the young part because I will always be 5 years your junior) :). Thank you for bearing with the 19 year old me.

Soon I’m turning 28 and you 33. A lot has changed but I’m glad some things are still the same. I’m glad that though we lost some things – you your hair, me my wisdom teeth, my cyst and other things, I’m glad there are things that have grown –  My knowledge of you and also my love for you everyday, only by God’s grace.

This year 2, I would like to tell you how much I’m thankful to God for you. When things get the best of me please refer to this. 🙂

Beb I thank God for you…

1. For being accountable to God and to me

I really appreciate it whenever you confess and talk to me about your honest feelings. For telling me what’s going on in your mind, for being transparent to me this year 2. If there’s one thing that I love and get irked at times with your personality, it’s your honesty. :p But please don’t change. I like it when you talk to me about anything and everything whether work, your devotion, God’s lessons to you, your dreams, plans and everything in between. I also feel secure whenever I see you bow down to pray in the morning and at night and when I see how God transforms you everyday. I know you are telling God everything too. I praise God for you.

2. For understanding and being non-judgmental of me

I also appreciate it when you are understanding of me and non-judgmental of me. That you don’t dismiss me and confine me to my personality but understand that I change too.

I appreciate it that when I admit my shortcomings and mistakes, you don’t grill me but instead you praise God and say that He is answering your prayers (for me to realize the mistakes on my own?). 🙂 I know it takes a lot for you not to say “I was right”, or “I told you so” and I know that it is only the filling of the Holy Spirit in you that you are controlled also when you are gentle and kind.

I also thank God for you that you take time to listen to me. I appreciate it whenever you understand where I’m coming from and when you are open to improving yourself to better our marriage.

3. For your humor!

I thank God for giving you the gift of making me and people laugh! Sometimes you are just plain corny but I know you really make an effort to humor me. I will always be the first one to be annoyed and yet still be your number one fan when it comes to your crazy corny jokes. :p When you would even dress up in your polo and your boxers at home just to create a semblance of a romantic date among your other crazy ideas.


4. For yielding to the wisdom God has given you in leading me

I appreciate it when you take the time to find out my strengths and weaknesses and know how you will “train” me in my skills and even in my spiritual life. I remember that whenever I get frustrated in my work or spiritual walk, you would be steadfast, set my mind aright and encourage me to push forward. I praise God for you. You would give me books to read, tell me your experiences, and be my “life coach”. Please don’t change. 🙂 There may be times that your corrective nature may get the best of you but I appreciate it more when you take the other direction and be more encouraging. 🙂

5. For striving to keep the romance alive

One of which includes you prioritizing this marriage.

I appreciate it when you keep your promises and try to keep the romance alive. During Valentine’s Day I thought that I wasn’t going to get flowers. You promised several years ago that you would give me flowers every special occasion. (I don’t ask for it and I didn’t even before but somehow it makes me feel like a woman! and a woman who is loved). I thought that this year, after our little misunderstanding, I wasn’t going to receive any.

But when we got to a watch store in Eastwood, I thought you were going to purchase something. I saw behind the counter that there were flowers which I thought belonged to the cashier staff. Then the next thing I knew, you were suddenly behind me holding those flowers with a big smile on your face! I really thought it was a joke. But apparently you prepared them in advance, I still don’t know how you did it. But thank you for those things. 🙂 I praise God for you, for always proving that I could trust you, your vows and even simple promises.


When I reread my wedding vows, this was what struck me and this is what I’m most thankful to God for you.

“Throughout the years, God has turned you into His best for me. I came to know God through you, and that was the best gift that you have given me. To acquaint me with the author of love, our heavenly father. 

Thank you for loving me in my many shortcomings, I know that God is truly alive because of the unconditional love you have been giving me in all my childishness, in my moments of doubts and my emotional ups and downs.”

The romantic story that would be my favorite and that I would love to read would be the one of you and me. But when God sent Jesus to die for you and me…, that is the real love story.

I love you Beb and Happy 2nd Anniversary 🙂


1 John 4:19 We love because HE first loved us.