The Modern Day Hero (After watching Batman vs. Superman)

Last Saturday we watched a Movie for a Cause, Batman vs. Superman.

Jason and I discussed about the movie and ever since he was in high school, he learned to watch a movie relating it to real life and Jesus (as taught by his mentor). Maybe it was because as a young boy, so he could easily identify the movie to real life in Christ.

Of course it isn’t the main intent of the creators of some movies but somehow there is a pattern of movies that looks for a savior / someone that will rescue them from a conflict or a predicament they are in.

So here is Jason’s take on the film:

Like almost any movie especially a super hero action movie. It is about a battle between good and evil. There should be a protagonist and an antagonist. The twist in this film is that both are super heroes, Batman and Superman. They are the protagonists or the good guys (at least from what we know while growing up) but in this case they were fighting.
Rather than sharing a summary or review about the film. I will just share my perspective about the characters and why we, the people, love and buy in to the super hero stories.
I’ll start with…
1. Superman – He is known as the hero. He is strong and powerful. Even if he is not from this world he saves it rom evil people and monsters. But after many years, people are now questioning his character and goodness.
They want to regulate his rights and powers and they want him to follow their rules and regulations. Basically they, the government, want to control him.
Somehow Superman represents Jesus. He is good but he’s also not of this world. He used to be a hero but became a controversial figure during His time. He was an image of hope but He became a threat to the authorities because of what he is preaching / what he believes in.
2. Batman – Because of an injustice done to his parents a long time ago, he succumbs to bitterness and vows to punish criminals as a vigilante. He places justice in his own hands.
He doesn’t acknowledge Superman as a hero. He uses all his energy and resources just to kill Superman and got distracted to the real villain of the story.
Batman then represents some people who became angry and bitter with life’s hurts and disappointments. They then rely on themselves to bring justice.  He was good but he became jaded. But this person is just lost. He thinks that because of what happened in his life, Superman is to blame.
Doesn’t this speak about some of us? That sometimes with what life has thrown on us, some of us take it upon ourselves to work for justice because we feel that God is not sovereign and all powerful?
3. But here comes Lois Lane – someone who has an intimate relationship with Superman.  She fears nothing and trusts in Superman.
Lois Lane represents the people who have an intimate relationship with Jesus. Someone who knows and trusts Jesus – that no danger is too big because He will come to their rescue.
4. Wonder Woman represents the people who may appear to be weak and are underestimated but are equally important in fighting evil.
5. Justice League – represents the disciples of Christ. People who fight evil and make a difference. They are the team of heroes – the Body of Christ – the church.
6. Senator Finch – represents the honest and fair public servants. Not all officials are corrupt and there are people like him who need to be empowered to stay good.
7. Lex Luthor – He is a person who is very smart and rich but has no sense of moral or good character. I can’t identify his objectives all I can see is he wants to be powerful and to control –  to be like a god.
He represents the people who wants to play god using money and resources creating war and suffering in the world. He wants war between God and man.
8. Doomsday – the villain. It represents the real enemy – the devil. It is pure evil. It just wants to wreak fear and havoc. It wants to steal people’s joy, kill and destroy.
9. Man on the wheelchair –  This man became bitter because of his injuries. He is angry at Superman and wants revenge. He represents the people who holds grudges against God. He is like any man who prayed to God and did not receive the answer he wanted. He held this until the enemy used his weakness for evil and he died a meaningless death.
Batman vs. Superman is ultimately a story of good vs. evil.
And we are drawn to this because it’s true that we live in a fallen world. We are surrounded with all sorts of illness, corrupt leaders, weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism. There is pain and death – yesterday on Easter Sunday, a suicide bomber in Pakistan killed 65 people and injured 300 targeting the Christian community. It pains us to see this but their death will not be meaningless. There is justice with God.
In Psalm 52 we are reminded that good will prevail. God is in control and we need to trust in Him.
The movie we watched last Saturday was for a cause.

Gerald and Jen’s mom, Auntie Fe has been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer last November 2015 and as we all have experienced in one way or another through family, friends and stories of other people that this illness is painful not only to the afflicted but also to the loved ones. But first and ultimately we leave it to God as we know that only He can truly heal, as He is our Divine Healer.

With the need to raise funds to help with the treatment and medications, good friends of the two came up with Movie for a Cause. It happened last Saturday and even I was blessed to see the love and support from people – the outpour of their generosity and kind hearts. God never fails, God provides!

We are drawn to a movie of superheroes because of the pain and trouble of this world. But Jesus has already overcome the world. I know that somehow we are used by Jesus to be His hands and feet to some people. To extend help to people who need help – whether financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

I would like to borrow Gerald’s words as he opened the movie screening. In a way he said that  there may not be actual superheroes but, “we can be super heroes to some people.”

If you are burdened to help Auntie Fe, and even Courageous Caitie here are the details below.

Help Fe fight her cancer battle

Courageous Caitie