Misibis Bay Review Part 2: The Food at Spice Market | Legazpi, Albay

We visited Misibis Bay last June and the experience was pretty much okay. 🙂 It wasn’t as fantastic as I’d imagined it to be but it was still worth going to if you prefer a peaceful and a private place to spend quality time with your loved one/s. 🙂

(See review – Misibis Bay Review Part 1: The Resort and the Room)


In Misibis Bay we only had 1 place to have our meals: The Spice Market. We were famished the moment we arrived so after we checked into our room, we headed to the lone restaurant in the resort for lunch.


I was ecstatic! Lunch finally! The interiors of the restaurant was very homey and cozy. It was a place you’d really like to talk and linger.


They usually recommend their buffet but they also had an a la carte menu. In our 3 days, 2 nights in the resort, we had buffet for lunch twice and for dinner we opted for their a la carte menu. The buffet costs around Php 600/head.

What was in their buffet? The selection was only a few. They had the bread and soup station, salad, dessert station and the main dishes.


I had about 3 plates; Salad, Main Dishes, and Dessert but I forgot to take photos of the dessert. Too hungry! And it was just pretty much ordinary. They served kakanin, pastries and fruits.

Please don’t judge my plate 😛


This looks smaller than the actual. This was my plate and Jason was shocked to see my plate full of food. Well isn’t this a buffet? :p

Their main dishes lived up to the name of the restaurant: Spice Market. They served curry rice and they also had Bicolano dishes like Tilmok and Bicol Express. Nomnomnom, I am a Bicolana by blood and at heart. But for those who dislike spicy food, don’t fret, it’s not as spicy! And there are other options too. 🙂 I enjoyed their lechon kawali here!

Since we would usually be so full for lunch, we just split dinner. The dinner buffet wouldn’t be as worth it since we were still full… and yes to save too. :p

 I remembered having pizza for dinner. The operations manager approached us one dinner time, chatted with us a bit and offered complimentary soup and salad to go with our pizza. It was very kind and gracious of the operations manager. The a la carte menu would cost around Php 400 – 500  / head so it was very encouraging to just opt for the buffet since you aren’t really that sure how your ordered dish would turn out. It was a risk but one we’re willing to take. :p (But of course…)

Overall, our take on the Spice Market was probably a 6 out of 10, 10 being the highest. I liked the ambiance and the service (noting the operations manager), the food was something i missed – spicy Bicolano food, but I guess this is pretty niche. I felt that their expected guests were local tourists since the selection didn’t cater that much to the international market. The nearest restaurants would take us 45 minutes – going to the town proper, so be prepared to spend for the pricey menu here in Misibis Bay. 🙂