Karada (chiropractic adjustment) review | Serendra

Since we got married, rarely do we find ourselves dating at BGC given the traffic. So when we went there one time we already made the most out of it. We had brunch at Denny’s located in the new Uptown mall, walked around, and a few hours after, visited Karada in Serendra which is a Chiro treatment Japanese style.

Recently I’ve been watching chiropractic adjustments in Youtube and it made me so curious as to how this happens. Hearing bones adjusting and the patients being relieved after enticed me to try it out.

I’ve been having some lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain, maybe due to my posture or lack of abdominal muscles. So I’d like to check if Karada can be an answer to some aches.


There were already a few customers when we went in so I guess it’s pretty safe right. :p We can choose from a regular therapist and a Japanese therapist but the latter we need to schedule it since he is based in Japan. That time he wasn’t there so we got a regular therapist. For first timers, they recommend the AP Balance (Atlas Pelvic Balance) and Body Treatment (P 1495 for 1 hour) . For a Japanese therapist it costs P 2795.


The Process:

The Questionnaire: We had to fill out a form that asked some questions on chief complaints; did we have any surgeries; etc.

The Changing Room: After answering some questions, we were given warm water to drink and in house slippers to wear. We were then escorted to the changing rooms. The changing room was clean and it had different shelves labeled based on sizes. They only had medium, large, and xxl. All were very loose so as to cover our bodies while we were being twisted and stretched. We had to change into black loose pants and a top.


The Beds: The beds where we were to have our treatment were facing the glass window. It was unlike any spa / massage places since it isn’t private and the beds were next to each other, thus next to another client. There weren’t curtains too so I kind of felt conscious should I fall asleep and my body jerks. :p


But anyway.

The Treatment: I got the Body Treatment first while Jason had the AP Balance. For the Body Treatment, it was dry massage and it was pretty intense! I liked it! It was deep tissue massage and of course for those who will be experiencing a massage for the first time well this isn’t recommended (though they would normally ask what pressure we want). I found it very relaxing but not too relaxing that I would doze off. They are very well trained to target the aches and pains and it was pretty accurate too.

After 30 minutes, our therapists switched and it was time for my AP Balance or Chiropractic adjustment. My therapist confirmed the aching parts in my body and focused on it. Then there went some adjusting until the length of my legs align (?) I don’t even notice it.

The disturbing part was when she cracked my neck, it felt tender after. Though I often do it, this time it felt tender. The therapist called a male therapist to do the spinal adjustment and I literally felt and heard those cracks. (Not for the faint hearted)

We transferred to a semi-private area where the table drops. For me I kind of felt this as unnecessary? because the feeling didn’t change after. There was nothing added or lessened to the previous treatment. It just made a loud and a surprising noise sure to wake those who’ve dozed off. The body treatment and spinal adjustment were enough.

Right after the treatment there was some relief and we felt lighter. It didn’t completely ease some of our discomforts so they recommended that we go back for more treatments to actually see the difference.

It was a good experience just to try chiropractic adjustment and to satisfy our curiosity but it was pricey for us for it to be a lifestyle. But if you’re up to try something other than your usual massage, try their body treatment as it targets and relaxes problem areas and gives instant comfort and relief. 🙂



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