Makati Food Trip : Trufa Pasta Bar & Your Local review

Makati. A place where you will rarely find us due to the distance from where we live. Not to mention the traffic and some confusing traffic rules we may never get used to. So I was surprised one day when Jason offered to pick me up from my Certified Wealth Planning class held there. Wow. First time 😀

He decided that we have dinner in Makati and I was excited of course since we seldom go to this place. We decided to eat at Your Local since there were good reviews about it. But it opens at around 6pm yet so we just ate across. We tried a restaurant that specializes in creating your own pasta,



Jason went ahead and ordered our food and what I especially find commendable about Trufa were the staff who were very attentive and friendly. They were also open and asked feedback about their food. I find their service exceptional. They were warm and friendly despite the rush and busy-ness of this city.


For appetizer, we got Huevos Estrellados (P195). It was fried potatoes with ground and very tasty meat drizzled with cheese and a fried egg tenderly draped over the savory mix. This really whet our appetites as it played with different flavors and different elements of comfort food goodness. I was in potato heaven.


For pasta Jason had his pick. It was pretty easy to follow given that there are 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose your Salsa / sauce.

We picked Gambas which was olive oil, prawns, spanish smoked paprika and garlic.


Step 2: Choose Your Pasta

We picked Papardelle! To be honest even if I am a pasta lover, I still have a lot to learn about the different types of pasta. But don’t be intimidated by all the choices! Just in case you get overwhelmed by all the names and the variety, you can always ask the friendly staff of Trufa to give their recommendation. (Because Jason did. :D) And it’s perfectly okay.

Step 3: Choose your Alegria

 In English, Alegria means happiness or joy. We added olives and salmon bites to our choice since both of us would agree to this as our joy. :p


So this was how it looked! Ta-da! 😀 The pasta was really al dente and as they say this is the key to any good pasta dishes. It all boils down to how the pasta is cooked. The salmon had quality to it too. I found the salsa a bit unique and strong to my liking. The smoky taste kind of grows on you. We would like to have some bread on the side though. The server was very welcoming of any suggestions or recommendations. I raised the issued of THE BREAD. They said that a lot of their customers have been asking to add this to the pasta but there isn’t any action yet? I wonder why? What’s pasta without bread on the side? Hehe. The salsa was strong and the bread would have neutralized or diluted the flavor a bit. It would have been perfect.

So finally it was past 6 and we crossed the street and were on to our next restaurant for that night,


We didn’t have any reservation and apparently we had to reserve. When we entered we asked if there was still a table for two. They said yes but we had to leave at 8. Okay, noted.

Upon entering, we found it too dark in our area. It was difficult to take photos. The deeper part of the restaurant had good lighting but the one near the entrance that had a view of the road was too dark I felt.

As opposed to our first restaurant that night, Your Local had a bit of a rush feel. It embraced the busy-ness of Makati. It wasn’t relaxing and laid back. The servers were in a rush.

Jason said it had the feels of New York, bars in New York looked like it. I would agree and trust his observation because I’ve never been to New York anyway. :p Their menu though played a different tune as it offers Asian flavors with a twist to it.

We ordered their Pomelo Salad (P 285). It was shrimp, red onion, winged beans, pickled quail eggs, seasonal greens, nam jin (a type of thai sauce) and thai coconut ice cream.


This was my best shot! It was too dark. It was my first time to try ice cream on salad and it was soooo good! The taste was unforgettable – the mix of Pomelo and Shrimp along with ice cream, and with the sweet and sour flavor of the dressing. Yum. I couldn’t taste the coconut flavor of ice cream though it tasted like vanilla to me. But in any case it was great! This is the best salad I’ve had to date.

FullSizeRender (1)

For the main, we got their Tofu Steak and Eggs (P 390). It was pan seared tofu, fried eggs, shitake mushroom with roast corn and shitake black rice. When I took a photo and the flash lit I was surprised this was how it looked like. Erm… Hehe they say we eat with our eyes first. I tried to look for other photos online and I would say that as “foodies” and “food photographers”…. this was really our best shot. I tried my best.

I liked how the flavor of the mushroom came out and it felt guiltless eating it since it was just tofu. The sharpness of the cheese added oomph to this dish. At first bite it was interesting with all the different elements and ingredients in it. But as we ate more, we welcomed the edginess of the cheese.

For me it was a good take on Asian spices as it had a twist to it. We find it a bit pricey though and we were glad to have tried it at least once. It would be a nice place to unwind (provided you have reservation! or else…) and go on a date.

Before 8 we were on our feet and ready to go to give way to those who reserved for the table we dined in.

Generally we were okay with the experience. We didn’t know what to expect anyway, it has been a while since we dined in Makati. We are glad two different atmospheres were just across each other and you can choose which dining experience you prefer.

If you are in the area and you’d like to have a go at creating your own pasta, with a laid back atmosphere and get some coffee and desserts after, try Trufa Pasta Bar. I’d say it’s a more familiar territory – at least to me.

But if you enjoy Asian flavor and spices, you typically plan ahead (because you need to reserve here so you won’t be rushed), and looking for a nice date place, then Your Local is for you.



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Ground Floor, Universal LMS Building, 106 Esteban Street,Legaspi Village, Makati City

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