Toddler Schedule

Routines give the child a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline. Heard of this sometime ago and since then I was convicted to develop a routine for Grey. But it seems as if his schedule is changing weekly and I needed to cope quickly!

I couldn’t imagine how moms could do night baths so calmly – pouring lukewarm water over their baby’s body and the babies showing how much they enjoy it, cooing and everything. I remember when Grey was an infant and at around 5pm he would get so fussy! Overtired? Hungry? Growth spurt? I would be close to tears so exhausted from lack of sleep and with a ravenous baby boy feeding almost every hour. Scrap the night bath!

But then I was also comforted with how friends encouraged that every child is different!

Jason and I would religiously track Grey’s schedule and write on our mirror to have some semblance of order in our lives. But by next month it would throw us off again. Ganito ata talaga!

Just this year, 2020. The schedule was a little bit more predictable. At around 18 months, he was transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap. When he would have his daytime nap, I could still cook in peace for an hour. But when he was starting to have 1 nap, he had MORE waking hours!

What to do?? I don’t want him to watch that much TV – that’s just me. But also I needed him to be safe and preoccupied while I do some chores.

Since ECQ 2 months ago, we started developing a schedule as a guide on how we could fill our days. Usually in the afternoon we would go out and go to the mall or parks. But since we had to stay home, how can we still be intentional amidst all this chaos outside (and at times, inside)?

Are we going to homeschool? Probably! But even before any curriculum, I feel it would help for a transition period.

Every morning of MWF, this is where we would sing/dance/play. We have 3 playlists

1. Worship songs (3 songs) – Monday

2. Dance songs (4 songs) – Wednesday

3. Nursery Rhymes – Friday, and some piano lessons.

We also try to teach an alphabet per week and a memory verse.

These are not rigid! if he doesn’t feel up to it then we just play what he wants. If he likes animals then we go for that. letter C for Cat and Cow. Trying to link animals with the letter of the week.

Every Tues-Thurs, Jason teaches Art and some Mandarin.

Sample of our schedule

7am – breakfast

8am – sing / dance / art / mandarin / play

9am – tv and books , snack time

10am – chores / play with daddy

11am – lunch (yes our lunch got moved to 11 since he would be too fussy by 12)

11:30 – bath and a book after

12:00 – nap

2:00pm – free play, garden, blocks etc, snack

he does what we’re doing – work, exercise, clean, turn our house upside down 🏡

5:30pm – dinner

6:00pm – brush teeth, wash legs and feet

bedtime routine




cuddling / bed play

recap of the day



7-7:30pm sleep

8pm – FREEDOM! 😂

I also learned from a mommy group about SIGHT WORDS.. Not really strict about it since I don’t want to force Grey to study particularly if he still doesn’t want to. I would just try and if he doesn’t show readiness i’ll try again next time as advised.

For every schedule I need to put the word and a drawing of what it is so he’ll get acquainted with the word. Not yet done with this project!

Whenever I wonder if I need to do something more? I go back to the Best advise I heard: Enjoy your child!

Not sure if we’re doing it right. Really a trial and error but just praying that spending time and being intentional with him would make an impact on his life.

Hoping this would help Greyson learn and enjoy learning! Again reminding myself we have 3 years for his absorbent mind.