Learning to unlearn

27 months in and I thought our routine would stay as is. But it seems as if Grey also got bored with it. MWF – Alphabets, shapes, numbers. T-THs – Mandarin numbers, colors and conversational phrases. Seemed promising… NOT. When you’re dealing with a toddler who’s so eager and absorbent you can’t confine them to just those!

There was a week wherein I would teach some numbers and he threw them all on the floor. Not just bored but upset as well! He saw through all of it and that I was feeding him some things he’s not really into yet.

After a few days of numbers, he was able to identify them but it was a struggle. I guess this is how it looks like if you’re not “following the child’s pace and learning” and trying to give him info he’s disinterested in!

So I was led to ease up and watch him play again and in his natural state.

You know how it’s so hard to unlearn things you grew up knowing? How most of us are wired to have the goal of doing good in academics as if that were the most important thing!

As a mom and with an only child whom we’ve waited for a while, I felt like I had a responsibility and duty to teach him and I can’t do it just watching him. I can’t stay still! I had to be super pro active and teach teach teach.

But Reading The Whole Brained Child and also desiring to be obedient to Christ, it is slowly sinking in that intellect is just one aspect. There is also emotional, spiritual. Character building. Learning to love learning.

Instead of getting praises for knowing his abc’s or numbers. We search and look beyond.

Values such as hardwork, resilience, thoughtfulness, patience, love, kindness, gratefulness. It’s hard to unlearn what we’ve learned but anything is possible with God.

And there is proactiveness too in being still, observing your child, and trusting in God that He will give us the wisdom on how to raise Grey.

After easing up a bit on his 27th month and focusing on his interests like playing with rice (for sensory), pouring water over and over, I saw how this was satisfying for him at this moment and how he can play for an hour or so.

Then after which he got a paper and crayon. He started drawing and naming what he’s drawing – A triangle, Circle ⭕️, letter G (for Greyson), P, H. t. Somewhere during playing, his mind was probably processing lots of information and he wanted to write it. I have to admit I was so proud! But I have to remind myself to also acknowledge and emphasize other character developments in him. Like how he’s generous, offering snacks and fruits he likes and even feeding us (thinking about others). How he apologizes when he loses his temper and gets gigil and hurts. How he rejoices with others and sees them having fun. His honesty! He would tell us, Greyson feel angry again.

Oh how do we unlearn what we’ve learned?

Jason taught me.. It’s not study time it’s what are we going to learn today?

In a seminar, it’s not reading it’s comprehending what you read.

It’s not being the best, it’s doing your best.

What are things that you want to unlearn and how can we reframe it?

*For routine, our mealtime, nap and sleep time stays as is. but activities… whatever Greyson seems interested in at the moment!