Choosing Anthony Co Wedding Photography


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The Wedding Photographer is one of the crucial suppliers in wedding planning since he/she would best capture a very special day – the beginning of our life as husband and wife. So to whom would you assign the task of … Continue reading

Save the Date Video Planning


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All love stories are the best in their own and special way. And for me doing the Save the Date (STD) Video project was a venue to relate our story – how it all began and how it blossomed to … Continue reading

Musings on the last night of single hood

And now it’s come to this. After months of preparation and planning it still feels surreal that tonight is going to be the last night I’ll be living a life that used to be just about me – my time, my needs, my wants, my dreams. In its very essence, single hood. Tomorrow it will be him and me and the coming days it will be more about him and less and less of me. Or maybe more about we. (So God please help me…become the best wife I could be.)

After all the wedding drama and the boo-hoos, at the end of the day what really matters is the choice we make, and the best choice we could make for each other. I know I could get a little overboard and become over the top bridezilla, but when tomorrow is gone, and all these are done, it’s just going to be him and me. Together for the rest of our lives in the best and worst times. In good weather and under the scorching heat with our occasional tempers.

All of these God thank you. I never even thought I would be getting married, but here I am and here we are with God as the painter, the writer, the author, the creator, – bringing us two broken people back together, over and over, to strengthen and bring out the best from each other.

Now I understand why even the worst day can sometimes be the best day as long as you are in the company of the one you love. I couldn’t imagine myself being with someone else.

Today, as it strikes 12 midnight, is going to be the best day – I’m going to be the wife of the love of my life. :)

1 Cor 13:7-8 (Love) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Anniversary 4 years ago :)

Anniversary 4 years ago :)

The worst case scenario syndrome

Freak Out, Faith Out


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No holds barred – Family Planning Seminar


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If you thought that reproductive health class or biology was boring back in grade school,  you won’t see it that way until you hear it from the straightforward speakers in Marikina Health Center. I felt like a kid (that I … Continue reading

Hassle free Marriage license application in Marikina City


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Good thing Jason lives in Marikina where everything is fast, efficient, clean, not to mention orderly, plus they have free coffee too. Marriage license application in the Philippines needs to be applied in either the bride / groom’s city where … Continue reading

The Wedding Reception hunt


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Hotel, Events Place or destination? After the proposal last July 2012, finding a reception venue is probably 2nd of the major decisions Jason and I had to do for the Wedding. I asked around and researched among friends on what … Continue reading

The wife-to-be project: Sardines pasta cooking


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Jason, I know you love me but I love you more to have you eating burned or canned food from the moment we’ll be together until probably forever!  So while Jason was away, I vowed to learn how to cook … Continue reading