Shanghai Street Food Try’s| Travel and Food Review


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No it’s not Lumpiang Shanghai. But there are other things to try when in this city! Last December we are thankful that we got to travel to this place. It was around 2 degrees and I just love the cold … Continue reading

The Backyard Reservoir at Z Compound | UP Malingap St.


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There’s a restaurant called The Backyard Reservoir inside Z Compound along Malingap Street that serves good homemade herbed sausages as a topping for their pizza, El Pago. The Backyard Reservoir is just one of the many restaurants in the Z … Continue reading

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Trinoma


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After the JCI Conference which my husband attended in Fontana, Pampanga we decided to have our dinner in Trinoma. It’s been quite awhile since we went there and we wanted to check if there’s anything new. So up up in … Continue reading

Casa Renato in Fairview


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For those who’ve lived in Farview almost all their lives like me (except since last year I moved to Marikina), you’d be saying WHUT?? There’s a restaurant like that here? 🙂 Only those who’ve lived / who’s residing in Fairview … Continue reading

Tamagoya! Ramen in Marikina / Antipolo

It’s ramen season once again and I think I’m craving for those hot and steamy noodles. A 10 minute drive from our place is Tamagoya! Noodle House which offers a generous serving of ramen at a very reasonable price.

After hearing a lot of good feedback from fellow Marikenos, my hubby and I decided to visit this place and give it a try. Coming from Marikina we followed the Sumulong Highway Road and when we saw Petron to our right, we turned left to Soliven Avenue. To our left is sign of Tamagoya. This place is actually closer to Marikina than Antipolo so I didn’t feel like I’ve left Marikina at all. 😛


Inside Tamagoya!

Inside Tamagoya!



The first floor has a seating capacity of around 20 pax or less. Good thing they have a second floor to accommodate more.

Waiting for our orders :)

Waiting for our orders 🙂

When it's waiting time, it's giason photo time :)

When it’s waiting time, it’s giason photo time 🙂

We didn’t wait long though and we just had a while to take photos. What is commendable about this place is the really fast service! For a ramen house, I was surprised to have our orders served quickly.

Gyoza (Php 98)

Gyoza (Php 98)

We got their Gyoza as appetizer. And my my. This is probably the most affordable and yummiest gyoza I’ve tried. If I wasn’t going to have ramen that night, I would have had 2 orders of this given the price and 6 large pieces of it.

Miso Ramen (Php 158.00)

Miso Ramen (Php 158.00)

Hubby got their Miso Ramen which is Noodles with Japanese Miso Paste Soup. The serving was huge! For the taste, compared to other Ramen that I’ve tried, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Stamina Ramen (Php 168.00)

Stamina Ramen (Php 168.00)

I ordered Stamina Ramen which is Noodles with Chili Based Miso Soup. I took a bite and I found that I quite liked my hubby’s order better. I found it difficult to finish my bowl of ramen since the serving was a bowlful.

Their Ramen Menu :)

Their Ramen Menu 🙂

Given the price, it was really really worth it and I would definitely try the others when we are wanting to have our ramen fix.

If you’re not up for ramen, they have other selections to choose from. 🙂

Tamagoya Menu

Tamagoya Menu

My hubby and I love to hang out and talk after dining, this isn’t a place to do that though. But since we’re just here for the ramen, we aren’t disappointed, we’ve had our fill and when it starts to pour and we’re craving for noodles, we would definitely be seen in this place again. 🙂



Tamagoya! Noodle House

2 Hon. B. Soliven Ave, Antipolo, Philippines
+63 2 861 8631

Le Mirand Restaurant and Recreation in Antipolo


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Mama Chit’s Coffee House: Bites of the Famed Burger


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Rustic Mornings: Homemade Heaven


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Elias: A taste of modern Filipino cuisine


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The wife-to-be project: Sardines pasta cooking


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