The First Trimester: Adjustment & Bed Rest


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JASON: Very early in the morning while it was still dark. We are getting ready to go to the Korean Embassy for our Korean Visa. We planned to travel on November. But lo and behold, for I didn’t know that … Continue reading

Shanghai Street Food Try’s| Travel and Food Review


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No it’s not Lumpiang Shanghai. But there are other things to try when in this city! Last December we are thankful that we got to travel to this place. It was around 2 degrees and I just love the cold … Continue reading

The many feels of Christmas with Guevarra’s Yuletide Menu


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Suddenly it feels like Christmas… Christmas brings so many good memories to me. When I was younger, our Christmas eve would be joyfully spent with relatives – my aunt, uncle and cousin would come home from the U.S. weeks before the … Continue reading

Misibis Bay Review Part 2: The Food at Spice Market | Legazpi, Albay


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We visited Misibis Bay last June and the experience was pretty much okay. It wasn’t as fantastic as I’d imagined it to be but it was still worth going to if you prefer a peaceful and a private place to … Continue reading

3rd Anniversary at Minami Saki, Astoria | Review & Reflections

Lucky Chick Review | UP Town Center

Comfort food from New York has inspired the owners to open up another restaurant that treats us to a favorite household dish which adults and children alike enjoy – FRIED CHICKEN.


Lucky Chick is located at the 2nd floor of UP Town Center where Skull and Bones used to be, but this time we’re getting lucky because they’re offering us the crispiest chick in town! In addition to that, we have a choice of either of the 3 Gravies – Original, Honey, and Apple Cider.




Original Chicken

Original Chicken

Who doesn’t love the good ‘ol Fried Chicken? Just looking at the photos and writing about it is already making my mouth water. Above is their Original Chicken but personally I prefer the Hot Chick as it offered a more distinct taste more than the usual original chicken. It only had a hint of spiciness to it so I presume it’s tolerable even for those who dislike spicy food. :)


There are different packaged meals in ordering here.


Should you opt for the Luckier Meal, we have a choice of the following sides.


At that time they offered Garlic / Plain Rice, Coleslaw, Biscuit, Donut, Mashed Potato, Corn and Carrots, Mac and Cheese, and Corn Muffins.

But in their revamped menu, they now have Fries, Waffle, Hashbrown Caserole, Corn on the Cob, and Green Peas.

I liked their Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potato – Carbs galore. You can never go wrong with that as well as their corn and carrots and rice especially if you only have 1 provision for a side dish. Their biscuit had some time getting used to as well as their donut which is made in their kitchen.


I also got to try their Spaghetti and Meatballs (Php 180) which is more Italian than Filipino as it was more sour than sweet. It was a good alternative to the chicken dishes.


But of course, when there are times that we feel like eating a sandwich, their Pulled Pork (Php 200) is worth a try. It had a generous amount of pulled pork and it was filling too.


They also had Fish Fillet (Php 160) as an option from the chicken dishes, served with rice and fries. yum!

But the truth is that even with all the yummy alternatives, I’d still go for their Chicken Meal when I return :)

For the best part of the meal, (next to chicken of course), we had a slice of Pecan Pie (Php 200) which I think my husband would enjoy more as I would say it had a more “mature” taste and it is something a specific market would enjoy.


And as for me I’d go for the ultimate comfort dessert, Ice Cream Sandwich (Php 150)


Imagine cold creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched in freshly baked Choco Chip Cookies. My dentist would surely disapprove with the hot and cold combination. But in any case, it is the best food solution to the blues. The instant mood booster.

Overall Lucky Chick is a place with a relatively new take to chicken with their different gravies and sides. Their menu had so much variety of comfort food which is the trademark of the owners as they also own a string of restaurants; my favorite Borough, Nolita, The Bowery, and L.E.S. Bagels. Truly they have mastered the art of offering comfort food in Manila.

For those who can’t have enough of Chicken, On May 28, Lucky Chick is offering UNLIMITED Chicken and Rice for Php 298 only! Be there during LUNCH and DINNER time from 11AM-1PM and 5-7PM. 



Lucky Chick

Second Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City


Din Tai Fung Philippines Review | SM Megamall


One Wednesday afternoon, it seemed like a good idea to have merienda in Din Tai Fung in Megamall after Jason’s passport renewal. He was originally eyeing Tim Ho Wan but since we haven’t tried Din Tai Fung yet, we decided … Continue reading

Silantro Review | U.P. Town Center

After hearing good reviews about and long queues in Silantro (Fil-Mex) Restaurant, I was finally able to try it last weekend in U.P. Town Center. Thanks to my high school friend Karla who treated us there in celebration of her birthday month. I got to Silantro at around 11:30 AM and luckily because there wasn’t any line yet and I was able to reserve nice seats.


While waiting for the ladies I ordered Beef Nachos (Php 180) as appetizer. It was unusual for me since usually ground beef is used for nachos. With Silantro, it came with cubed beef. I liked the beef here because it was very tender. Even when an hour or so has passed (and in between attacking my burger), I picked on the beef and it was still tender! The cheese also had quite a burnt taste to it, but it was ok nevertheless. The burnt taste added some texture and a unique flavor to the cheese.


Another dish we ordered was Calliente Wings (Php 180) which wasn’t caliente at all. It was sweet with a hint of spiciness to it but to spicy food lovers like me, it didn’t hit the spot. The shredded lettuce was a good addition to this appetizer as the flavor was strong in itself. It was a good break from the very tasty chicken wings.


The birthday girl herself ordered Lamb Chop (Php 350) which was one of their bestsellers.


Grilled Mahi-mahi (Php 210) was also ordered and it had a beautiful presentation to it. Great for those who prefers a light meal.


I got Pancholon’s Burger (Php 160) which had a huge beef patty topped with Silantro’s signature salsa, guacamole and oh so cheesy mozzarella. It was served with fries and more guacamole on the side. I enjoyed the burger and I was so happy with Silantro’s generosity but to be honest I was a bit full already by this time I had a hard time licking my plate clean.


I was very much satisfied with Silantro considering their dishes were thoughtfully priced and they had generous serving. The food really justified its price. I wouldn’t feel shortchanged when I eat here because not only were they so kind with their dishes but there were unlimited dips as well.

The only thing was that since there were limited seats and there was a queue outside I kind of felt like I had to hurry and justify the saving of my seat (while I was waiting for the ladies to arrive) which seats 4 pax.

I would definitely come back here but not during lunch or dinner. I’d probably come back here with the hubby for early lunch at 11 or early dinner at 5 to avoid the long queue, get some seats and avoid being hurried.



But all is well, Silantro was an enjoyable experience since we got to catch up after a long time. Happy Birthday again Karla and until next time. :)


Silantro Fil-Mex Restaurant

3rd Flr. UP Town Center

My top 4 buffets around the metro


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This year celebrating special days was spelled B-U-F-F-E-T. We thank God that we were able to try 4 buffets around the metro (on a discount!). Because of that I feel that we already mastered the strategy on how to get … Continue reading

Maple Review | Shangri-la Plaza Mall


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Once upon a Sunday, Jason and his wife decided to have bites after bites of breakfast pancakes. As they stumbled upon a place called Maple, they were swept away in a fairytale. With a storybook for a menu, seats that … Continue reading