The golden opportunity with the golden calf

Last night, Greyson wanted me to read the Bible to him. We’ve read it to him a few times but it was just last night we lingered in the story of Moses. He pointed to the golden calf and said “What’s that?” I said “it’s a golden calf”. Then silence… his pointer finger tapping on the image of the golden calf… (Ganito talaga siya parang professor nag-aantay ng sagot habang pinapawisan ka ng malupit!)

I was thinking… how do I explain it to him? Is it an animal? Thing? What does it stand for? What’s the context of the story?

I was groping for words.. Pano ba i-explain sa 26 month old?? He just turned 2.

Me: ah…’s an idol. (but Greyson does not know an idol)

Try again: Ummm it’s an object that you worship (but Grey does not know what “worship” means yet)!!

I felt it was a golden opportunity to share what it was because he was so curious! I praise God because an idea popped in my mind. I praise God that He made it simple and clear to me that moment that Greyson can understand and relate to.

Calmly I said, the golden calf is like your toy… It does not have feelings, it cannot do anything. It is something that you love more than God.

In that story, Moses went up the mountain to talk to God (this is the story of the 10 commandments) but when he came down the people forgot about God. They made an object, a thing, a golden calf! After all that God did for them.. (we backtracked to the previous page)

God rescued them from the bad guys. God gave them food. God gave them water.

Greyson added: God give mountain

Me: Yes

Greyson: God give leaf

Me: Uh yes..

Greyson: God give trees

Me: Yes! And they forgot about God and loved the golden calf. That is called sin. When you love something like your toy more than God.

Do you understand?

Greyson said Yes.

I wonder if he really did but I believe that he did! Before he slept during our cuddle time I asked him who does Greyson love? He said Greyson love Mommy.

And then in between nursing, what he said next jolted me awake…

Greyson love golden calf.

Me: the golden calf??

Greyson shook his head while nursing and then he unlatched and said “Greyson love Jesus”.

Ahh baka “don’t love”. Greyson still does not know how to use “don’t.”

I tried again, “Greyson does not love the golden calf.” He nodded yes and he said again “Greyson love Jesus”.

Whew.. mabuti nang malinaw 😂 looks like he got the story.. Praise God. But I am not worried, I am confident God will give another opportunity in case he did not get it. God is reaching out to everyone every single moment, even as young as Grey.

While teaching this to him, pati ako nacoconvict. I also remember how God has been good, and is good. How he provided, loves and cares for us. He does not forget us or our needs but how easy it is for us to forget Him and His goodness to us.

How we love other things more than Him. How we prioritize other things – our work, our family, even ourselves, over Him who deserves all our love, attention and praise.

Thank you Lord for giving us Greyson to remind us of of our sinfulness and how we need Jesus. Thank you Jesus for nailing our past, present and future sins on the cross so that we can talk to God. How powerful you are Lord and how awesome you are that you can walk on the water, speak to the sea and stand in the fire beside us.

Praying that Greyson would learn to love God and follow Jesus when he grows up.

He himself will be with me… Deuteronomy 31:23


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