Elias: A taste of modern Filipino cuisine


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Elias. A name that strikes me as truly Filipino and takes me back to the pages of Noli Me Tangere (a novel written by the National Hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal). Like Elias, a character in the novel, clamoured … Continue reading

Freak Out, Faith Out


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Freaked out! That’s how and what I am. With only a month and a few days left, I can’t believe how many wedding related problems are starting to surface. There’s this invitation boo-boo (which I’m totally responsible for), a change … Continue reading

No holds barred – Family Planning Seminar


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If you thought that reproductive health class or biology was boring back in grade school,  you won’t see it that way until you hear it from the straightforward speakers in Marikina Health Center. I felt like a kid (that I … Continue reading

The (original) Cookbook Kitchen


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5 girls and 5 growling tummies made The (original) Cookbook Kitchen experience filling and delicious for us. The first time I tried Cookbook Kitchen in Eastwood years back, I couldn’t forget their Parmesan Crusted White Fish. So when we went … Continue reading

The Wedding Reception hunt


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Hotel, Events Place or destination? After the proposal last July 2012, finding a reception venue is probably 2nd of the major decisions Jason and I had to do for the Wedding. I asked around and researched among friends on what … Continue reading

Paire Cocktails and Pastries: Interesting twist to desserts and drinks


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Who says that cream and alcohol can’t go together? (Did I just see Jason raising his hand? :P) Here at Paire Cocktails and Pastries, they’ve just debunked that theory. We got to indulge in desserts and drinks without resulting to … Continue reading

Kogi Bulgogi: Spending a night of Sunday the Korean way


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Korean dishes are one of the healthiest – according to Jason. So one Sunday night we were free to indulge in our heart’s desire of Korean food. Kogi Bulgogi in Eastwood was able to satisfy our grumbling tummies (after some … Continue reading

The Chef Jessie experience


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Last March, it was our pleasure and honor to be invited to the graduation celebration of my second cousin Makee in Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club. She graduated in Assumption College Grade School in Makati with Academic Honors. Chef Jessie … Continue reading

Hot for Torch


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Up for an elegant flambé with a finale of flaming desserts? Well you walked through the wrong door, this is not it. =) But Torch was such a delicious surprise even without the flame that came with its name. It … Continue reading

Ramen Bar, Eastwood: The perfect cure to Rainy Days and Sundays..


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This rainy season… Think about HEAT.  SPICE. NOODLES. And spoonfuls of STEAMY BLISS all in a huge bowl! For your delicious Ramen fix, you’ve definitely got to visit Ramen Bar. In my second visit to Ramen Bar in Eastwood, Jason was a bit under the weather so … Continue reading