How I Met My Husband

Last Thursday I delivered my Advanced Speech Project #2 of the Storytelling Manual in Toastmasters entitled, “How I Met My Husband”.

Just a side note, In Toastmasters International, once we accomplish the Basic Speech Projects (BSP) to get our Competent Communicator (CC) norm, we move on to the Advanced Speech Project (ASP) to get our norm of Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver, and Gold (ACB, ACS, ACG) recognized in all Toastmasters worldwide.

For my husband’s sake and mine, I decided to write it down so when we get the lapses, we can look back and check what really happened. :p

Some details were omitted when I delivered them in Greenhills Prime Toastmasters (my home club), but anyway, more or less here went my speech.


How I Met My Husband

If you’re a regular attendee of our club, you’ve heard the story of how Jason and I met probably a thousand times from Jason himself. But let me share with you my side of the story. The real story.

So this was what really happened.

8 Years Ago, I experienced my very first heartbreak. It was a rainy July Monday – the perfect day to get your heart broken.

As I rode the car on my way to school, I looked outside and a tear fell from my right eye. Have you ever experienced a heartbreak? You feel unloved, unappreciated and unwanted. You feel devastated and frustrated.  Especially when you think of the past – those happy moments, and the future – what could have been.

I was moping in my heartbreak and I felt my world crumbling down. Until my friend, let’s call him Jez (Because that’s his real name), told me he knew someone who gives love counsel because that person has also given him some advice.

I was curious who he was. Jez invited me to go a friend’s house where we could possibly meet the “Love guru”. As I was in that house, I heard Jez talking to someone over the phone in Chinese. It sounded something like this, (insert Hokkien here :p) but seriously it sounded as if that person was coming over.

After a few minutes, the door finally opened. I saw a man wearing a white shirt and sweatpants. I told Jez, “Is this the Chinese guy? But he looks Korean!” (intended for storytelling purposes, not what I actually said :p).

We were then introduced to each other, Gia this is Jason, Jason this is Gia. I was so eager to share my predicament with Jason. I wanted my problem to have a solution and be over. So over merienda, I grabbed the opportunity to be seated next to him.

Without any hesitation or reservations, I shared with him in detail what happened why we broke up. “Yesterday, we were just texting, and he suddenly broke up with me. What should I do? Is something wrong with me?”. He was listening intently and nodding his head like this. At that moment I felt understood.

Soon it was time for us to depart. We all rode in Jason’s car and he dropped us off one by one to our destination. Before I went down, He asked me, “Gia, I’ll get your number okay?” In Filipino, “Gia, kunin ko number mo ha?” .

When I got home, beep beep. A text message. It said, “You’re too pretty to frown”.

And suddenly, my heart beat beat so loud.

2 days after, we saw each other again. Jez invited him to watch his volleyball game in Ateneo but somehow Jason ended up jogging with me during my fencing training days (in his polo shirt, jeans and fancy sneakers). As we jogged, we continued to converse. Soon our friendship blossomed into romance, and as they would often say, the rest is history.

At present that guy who made me smile after a heartbreak, is now my husband of a year and a half and since we got married I’ve never stopped smiling, frowning and smiling again.

God has a purpose for everything and my heartbreak had a purpose. (Sometimes when Jason and I would try to figure out if we would ever meet if not for that moment, we realized that maybe we really won’t. We had very different sets of friends and our networks do not coincide with each other.)

As I look back, I learned that I wouldn’t know what pure joy is if I didn’t experience pain and sadness. I wouldn’t value relationships if I continue to think that they last forever and are permanent. I wouldn’t know what it means to be whole if I’ve never been broken.

Love is really a funny thing… especially if you love a funny guy. And I can relate with what Jason Mraz said, “it’s nice in this life we’ve got each other, (he) is right beside me, more than just a partner or a lover, he’s my (counselor and) friend.”

Heartbreaks truly aren’t the end, sometimes it’s just the beginning of something new, something better.

8 years ago I had my heart broken.

But 8 years ago, I also met the man whom I learned to love.

And that’s how I met my husband.



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