Craving of the day: Cafe du Monde’s Beignet in New Orleans

Anything sweet I saw today, I took bites of it. Rieze’s mochi balls and egg-like chocolates all from Taiwan. There are just those days you’d really want to stuff yourself with sugar and cream and everything in between.

As I browsed my old website, I remember having New Orleans’ famous beignet (bĕn-yā’) some years back at around 4AM, after an insanely long yet FUN road trip from Florida to Texas! Beignets are fried and raised yeast dough commonly called “fritters”.

This treat is like the Philippines’ local doughnut you would normally see in any bakery except that it’s coated and sprinkled with my favorite – powdered sugar! The thick sugar coating fell off every time I took a bite, but no worries! I just rolled the rich dough back into the plate to sugar coat it back again. Pair this with freshly brewed coffee and voila!! – the perfect cure to lull moments, sour days and sweet cravings. I’m definitely coming back when I visit the US again 🙂