On a Vegan roll @ Greens : Who said going green is pricey?

At the start of this year, I vowed to the undisputed, tried and tested KAMOTE DIET. On very few occasions though, I still have my rice and my sweets so I won’t go berserk in my lack of sugar and other nutrients. But sometimes, after a long week of the once-interesting and now dull-tasting root crop, i tend to CHEAT making me feel incredibly GUILTY. Thanks to GREENS, the occasional guilt-trips are now miles away.

Discovering the place in Scout Castor street in Quezon City was really just an accident. Straying away from the Tomas Morato strip, we entered one of those side streets and well hello there Greens, you were such a pleasant surprise. <3

The facade is garden-like with a stone path leading to its threshold. Inside, a homey atmosphere awaits – quite small and very intimate. You can enjoy a night of good conversation over good and healthy eats.

I’m simply addicted to shawarma, so anything in pita bread is my choice pick. In Greens, I had one serving of VEGGIE WRAP take note, for only Php80!!  It was tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, a bit of cheese and other greens in a delightful roll! I had the garlic sauce container all to myself so it is but natural to me to have the roll oozing with the creamy shawarma blend. I was on a vegan high! Plus it was really filling too. I’m gonna pass on dessert. Thank You.

Veggie Wrap (Php 80)

Not to mention my fondness for pasta and lasagna, I also had a bite of their Parmigiana (Php140). Instead of using the regular lasagna pasta, they used eggplant as substitute with the usual melted cheese on top. Served with 3 pieces of bread sticks and mixed veggies on the side. Cheesy, most definitely! But remember those greens on the side when you’ve had too much of the cheese bite. Oh guess what? It didn’t taste like eggplant at all! It’s your baked lasagna heaven minus the carbo loaded pasta. Great isn’t?

Eggplant Parmigiana (Php140)

Not only is it a cozy place but their food is affordable too. So whoever said going green is pricey better take a bite of those vegan yummies!