Thaipan: Fine Thai Cuisine – TRIPLE A: authentic, ambient and simply appetizing!

On the hunt for an authentic Thai experience? You just HAVE TO try THAIPAN.

 Located in Scout Dr. Lascano in Tomas Morato, this fine thai cuisine houses the best tasting curry, a filling and incredible appetizer with a lovely ambience. Discovering this place was yet again – dare I say it – an accident. Jason and I wanted to try something new – not our usual rice meal or pasta and pizza dinner – so we scouted for a new place to satisfy our adventurous taste buds.

 Coming from ABS-CBN, we drove along Tomas Morato and made a left in Scout Dr. Lascano. What a great discovery that was because what used to be just another awesome restaurant, Bagoong Club, in that area, now has an equally awesome dining establishment right beside it. Might I add with ample parking space, although not right in front of the restaurant as not to block it’s warm-lit and inviting exterior.

From the outside we could already see what awaits us inside since only glass walls separate the area. But wait, there’s more! Glass mirrors I mean. Wall-to-wall mirrors and hand-painted decors lined our way towards our seat. While we thought this was just a small place, we learned that there were many divisions inside – smoking area, non-smoking , a spacious dining place, a more intimate one, and even a door that leads to a private room where you can celebrate special occasions, host meetings and other intimate events.

Soon after we thoroughly appreciated the warm atmosphere, we realized we were really famished. But not to worry, the servers were very attentive to attend to our needs and offer us their specialties. For appetizer, we had their bestseller, Khong Waang Thai, which was a delectable selection of Thai delicacies.

Khong Waang Thai (Php340) – Thaipan Appetizer Selection

Have the best of everything with deep fried spring rolls (Paw Pia Thawt), chicken satay (Gai Sateh), grilled aromatic pork wrapped in betel leaves (Moo Ping Bai Cha Plu) and crisp shrimp pastry (Tung Tong). Served with 3 kinds of sauces – peanut sauce, vinegar and a sweet & sour tasting plum sauce. It was authentic Thai no less and appetizing to the last bite!

For our main course we ordered another of their MUST-TRY, Kaeng Khiaw Wann, which is their Thai green chicken curry. We were on a low-rice-low-carb diet then but this dish just had to be better appreciated with rice.  And so we ordered one, Steamed Jasmine Rice (Php45), to go with it and we didn’t regret it not one bit! The green chicken curry was very tasty with hints of Thai herbs and spices that just tickled our tastebuds. It was incredible! And the curry sauce was addicting! Even though we were already full by then, I just had to sneak a couple more spoonfuls of the sauce.

Kaeng Khiaw Waan (Php320) - Green Chicken Curry
Kaeng Khiaw Waan (Php320) – Green Chicken Curry

You just can’t have enough of this sauce and the next time we go back we’ll surely try their next best thing!


Bangkok, I know you are just a few miles away and having a taste of you, I can’t wait for the real thing.



Thaipan Restaurant

Fine Thai Cuisine

120 Scout Dr. Lascano, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Tel No.: 352-4926

Mobile No.: 0917-8080718