Angel’s Kitchen: Chocolate Bagoong and Other Things

Wednesday nights are usually treat-our-tummies nights and bible study sessions.

Normally Tomas Morato and Timog would do just fine. But this night particularly we wanted to scout for a new place to eat – far away from the Scouts in Timog and Mr. Tomas.

So here I was searching online for restaurants that qualify to our needs namely:

1: A place we haven’t tried

2. A place just near the office

3. With food not too heavy (I just had a super packed snack at the office consisting of barbecued chicken and PAELLA that was indulgent!)

4. Looking promising  would be nice. 🙂

Then I chanced upon Angel’s Kitchen in one website. Near my office and our regular hang out place, it was just right.

It was a place you could not miss – the sign was huge and it was well-lit. Parking space was aplenty so even if hunger did strike, I would be able to squeeze in the car just in time.

Though cars lined up outside, inside was a different story. The atmosphere was very warm and intimate. It’s like when you’ve cozied up at home and you find no food in the fridge, heck let’s go over to Angel’s Kitchen and have ourselves some laid-back dinner over day-to-day type of conversations.

Inside Angel's Kitchen. just lovely.

While waiting for our order, we were served complimentary Crostini with Chicken Pate. The pate was realllly deeeeelish!! Just thinking about it now, I think I’d want to go back to have another go at it.

Toasted Bread with Chicken Pate -ADDICTING to the last crumb (GUESS WHAT IT'S FREE)

I probably looked like a rabbit in front of my date as I continuously munched on and nibbled on the bread with pate. I almost emptied the plate… I left a few toasted bread though mind you.. ‘coz the pate was already done with.

Now for our main course…. the famous Original Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali and Chocolate Bagoong.

Original Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali and Chocolate Bagoong (P388)


SUPER FILLING (Actually good for 2, I already have a big appetite FYI and the serving was still beyond me)


it was just SUPER AMAZING.

The Pinakbet rice had the right savory taste topped with Lechon Kawali that was cooked perfectly – it was soft and crispy in the right parts. And the chocolate bagoong, well it was your usual bagoong with a little sweetness to it. All in all, it was TERRIFIC.

And who would attest to it?

A Happy Customer 🙂

The other half of a satisfied customer who loved every BIT!


Angel’s Kitchen

(Beside Konbini Japanese Store)

57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan, MM

Telephone No: +632 721-8822