Chef’s Bistro + Cobo Bubble Tea and Snow Ice : Dinner and Tea anyone?

Just beside our all-time hang out place, Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice is a quite interesting restaurant we decided to try one time – Chef’s Bistro.

Since we didn’t want to park all over again for dinner and then tea/coffee somewhere else then this place was quite ideal. Dare I say the cliche? It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. Ok there I said it.

On the downside though, both share a limited parking space only good for 2 cars at a time or else if you insist, you might also be up for taking a stroll to and from the establishments. (Healthy Bonus: Good for the heart <3)

Chef’s Bistro seem to have recently expanded since the extension wasn’t in the same feel yet with the rest of the dining area. The new wing was a bit isolated and had a rawness to it far from the first impression of  it being somewhat refined. We opted to stay in the new wing by the way since it was more spacious for a guest of 3.

First we were served complimentary bread which looked filling all right, but I decided to skip it and save my appetite.

Complimentary Bread from the Chef 🙂

I didn’t know if we enjoyed conversation so much that we didn’t notice the time because my order of Fish Fritters (Php295) seem to be served just when I heard my tummy give a little yelp.

I do have a thing for fried foods especially what they served – Deep fried cream dori fish fillet with rich aioli dip.

As soon as the plate was laid on the table, I didn’t hesitate to grab my first piece of fry then chomped my way to oil heaven.

Fish Fritters (P295) - Good for 2-3 persons

This dish is best enjoyed shared. Why? If I had this all to myself then my excitement for fried stuff would have immediately gone dry. I’d have to abstain from oil and all from a couple of months or so.

For our main, we had one of their bestsellers, Rib Eye  Steak (Php595). Served with herb mixed vegetables and mashed potato. The beef was really juicy and the glazing was flavorful I could still taste it in my mouth. And the crispy leeks couldn’t be more perfect in adding texture to the dish.

Rib Eye Steak (P595)

Overall our main was no doubt appetizing! If you’re in for a heavy also value for your money meal, give this specialty a try if you do get the chance to drop by 🙂

 Then for dessert, stop at Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice after for sips of the sweets. Enjoy their often ordered drinks like Taro, Coffee Jelly, and Cobo Milk Tea for only Php90. Or try their Honeydew Snow Ice for only Php85 + add P10 for toppings like popping yogurt balls.

Honeydew Snow Ice with Popping Yogurt Balls (P85)

 What better way to end your meal than either sipping your choice milk tea, or nibbling on tapioca pearls and sweet coffee jellies 🙂


Chef’s Bistro

94 Scout Gandia near corner T. Morato Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone No.: 359-9975

Mobile No.: 0906-4124338 0922-8189811


Cobo Bubble Tea & Snow Ice

#96 Scout Gandia Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone No.: 736-5621