Feeding the Soul: Condemned to death but glory in Christ – Romans 7-9 (Part 1)

Last Wednesday was my first time to facilitate our Bible Study. Finally after almost 5 years of on and off BS (since the time of Ate Chen), Small Group both here in my church and with Achi Susanna and John, and then One on One with Son (praying for a consistent Wednesday session), it’s probably about time that I take the reigns even if just for once.

In our BS we are already on Romans chapters 7-9.

In chapter 7 we are faced with the reality of sin.

In the first part of Chapter 7 it talks about the relation of law and sin.

9 Once I was alive apart from the law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died

If before we knew not of  sin, we were lawless and we were alive. We did things  freely without the burden of consequences and without the idea of condemnation. But since we were given the law, sin was realized and we have to face the fact that we are subjected to it over and over again. Even if  we already know about God’s law, and even if we want to obey Him for always, we are in this endless struggle of battling with our sinful nature, our sinful bodies.

Was it better then that we knew not about it? Was it better then that we not be Christians?  But then you have to understand that we will die. We then succumb to misery since we are in a constant battle within ourselves. BUT all is not lost, though our bodies may die, we are given HOPE that through the grace of Jesus Christ –  our soul will live through HIM.