Big Better Burgers: Grilled Burgers have never been BETTER!

One Saturday lunch after cruising along Katipunan Avenue, Esteban Abada within the area to find a place to eat, Alvin and I decided to try Big Better Burgers in Katipunan Avenue. The deciding factor: PARKING SPACE! Though he wasn’t really up for burgers since he just had one the other day, well parking space does a lot of talking to two growling tummies.

Big Better Burgers in Katipunan!

It was both our first time and we didn’t want to go wrong with our orders so both of us had their signature burger.

And what better order than their Big Better Burger?

With Wedge Fries (P55) of course.

(Wasn’t able to take a pic ‘coz I just couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on it xp)

Big Better Burger (P98)

The service was pretty quick or maybe we were just too busy talking about a who seemed to be a love interest. AHEM. haha 😛

Then it arrived… A 1/3 pound  grilled burger, with lettuce, tomatoes, and dill onion mayo.

(Oh it wasn’t as BIG as I expected.)Alvin's Triple B

Before I sank my fangs into it, I just had to eat it this way…

Forgive me for being such a condiment-pig and torturing the poor burger.


As the bun was soon put into place, I immediately sank my teeth into one of the juiciest and delicious burger in my life! Some grilled burgers I’ve tried were really really dry but this was different! It was way way BETTER!

The bun was soft with a crispiness to it and the beef was seasoned and grilled perfectly. Its sauce complemented the burger and my condiments well I wish I hadn’t put so much (Note to self for my next VISITS). I am coming back for this burger again and again. I could never have so much of them.

And you know what the best part was? It was all Alvin’s treat! Thanks Alvin! 😀


Big Better Burgers

Katipunan Avenue, Prince David condominium building