The Real Thing Diner: Opening up Happiness in every bite!

Your well-loved Coca Cola is now morphed into one of the coolest diner there is!

The Real Thing Diner houses everything Coca-Cola. From the red and white signage and the Coke can on the outside, and countless memorabilia displayed on the inside, to place mats, vending machines, decors, and everything. It was every Coca Cola lover’s dream! Their specialty of course was that every dish had a Coke product in it.

Opening the menu was such a delight! We couldn’t decide on what to try. Everything on the list seemed so promising.

But eventually we had to decide. Their Coke Float made me all giggly! It was like drinking up your best memory.

Coke Float (P69)

Coke Float (P69)

To kick off our Happy Experience, Sarsi Wings seemed to be a popular choice so we went ahead and got ourselves one of those.

Sarsi Wings (P199)

Buffalo wings glazed with no less than Sarsi. It was a bit too sweet for me. I know I’ve got a sweet tooth but it was kind of unusually interesting – that mix of chicken and sugar in my mouth. I can’t remember how Sarsi tasted like but those wings were a pretty good reminder. Jason loved it by the way.

Then came Jason’s Eight O’Clock chicken priced at P279 (Unfortunately wasn’t able to take a pic along with our other main course). It was very juicy with just a hint of sweetness. Served with mixed veggies and his choice side dish: wedges. It’s definitely worth a try and without the guilt feeling too since it’s just chicken and your favorite (healthy) fruit flavored juice.

My main course was Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs (P399).  It was baby back ribs glazed in Coca-Cola BBQ sauce with my choice sider, side salad. Its glazing tasted a bit like Sarsi wings, but less sweet. It could improve though on its supposedly tender and moistness.

*Two things you should observe is that after these coke-filled meals, there’s this feeling of minty-ness at the back of your throat like you’ve had coke forever. Plus you’d feel full after a couple of bites since these are carbonated products that would expand in your tummy.

Our dessert was a great way to end this Happy Experience. Happily Appley was just too perfect for me!

Happily Appley (P99)

The Swedish Apple Pie was freshly baked I still got to see the steam slowly evaporating. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was just the right hot ‘n cold combination that would make me leave this happy dining place with a new well-loved memory.

For that happy happy Coke experience, give this diner a try for more joyful times to remember by… 🙂


The Real Thing Diner

2nd Flr. Il Terrazzo Mall, 305 Tomas Morato cor. Sct Madrinan, Quezon City

Tel No. 352-4320