Ongpin: The haven of exotic must-trys and all-you-can-eat dumplings

After ages of planning, (thanks to my friend Nathan who lives right smack in Chinatown) I was finally able to go on an Ongpin food trip! Yipee!!

To prepare for this trip I brought with me an empty stomach and much of my bottled up anticipation. I was ready to excite my taste buds and take my tummy to an adventure.

So there I was (with Jason) happy and giggly, hopping into the LRT. Got off at Recto station and met Nathan a few blocks away. It was kinda rainy that day but it didn’t stop us from accomplishing our mission.

First we went to Serry Restaurant which is known for their soup.

Soup Number 5  (Php 180)

Soup Number 5 (Php 180)

And yes. I did it. I tried soup number 5. The soup had a kick to it, kinda new to my taste buds actually, and I felt it was really authentic. With all the ginger swimming in it, I probably had the voice of a rock star even just for a minute.

Soup Number 5  (Php 180)

Soup Number 5 (Php 180)

It was kind of interesting to eat something like it if not for the strange effect on me. Good thing, the boys didn’t experience the same thing. My nape went cold and my heart palpitated like crazy. Nathan suggested for me to take a cold Wong Lo Kat, which is a sweet tea, and soon the feeling subsided. I was back to slurping up what remained of my soup. The meat was chewy and challenging to eat. Live a little, try chowing down on a bull’s.. 😛

Next on our agenda was to feed on the best dumplings in town. Just around the corner is Dong Bei Dumplings in Nueva Street. Everything was rolled and made fresh right before our eyes.. Well of course, the staff was just right next to us. I just had to go 180 and there they were, rolling away, within a finger’s reach.

The place housed just around 5 tables good for 4 so it was really intimate. The best part was each order costs only Php80 for 10pcs!  We had the veggie and the pork dumplings and you could say we couldn’t have enough of it.

Veggie and Pork Dumplings (Php80 for 1 order of 10 pcs)

Veggie and Pork Dumplings (Php80 for 1 order of 10 pcs)

It was one of those moments when you have one piece on the plate and you still offer it to the rest. But what you really want to do is just grab that last bit… don’t deny now.. admit it!

I just love dumplings. As of this day, I’ve had them for 4 straight days and still without satiation.

Then for our main, we had Binondo’s famous mami, MaSuki! Established in 1930, it is one of the oldest and populated places in Binondo (especially during lunch time)

Masuki Mami

Masuki Mami

 They house the best chicken mami there is. Once you get there, you only have to order either regular or large around Php100 pesos per bowl. Served with green onions, a somewhat siopao-sauce tasting ingredient, and house tea.

You may also order siopao on the side and if you’ve never seen a huge siomai before, this is where you can find it. For only Php15, brace yourself for the biggest siomai ever.

Masuki Mami (around Php100 for the regular order)

Masuki Mami (around Php100 for the regular order)

The regular order was really filling! I can imagine what a noodle overdose the large one is. Try eating the noodles by twirling it in your chopsticks and adding sauce on to it. (Thanks to Nathan for this tip!) Now I understand why this is his comfort food and how he managed to down 3 huge bowls of it in one of those heavy heart moments.

Before we stopped in Masuki, we passed by Eng Bee Tin. And might I say that this place was extremely crowded  whether its restaurant or their to-go stores. So when we dropped by, I grabbed all the hopias I could…to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Mochi and Mochaccino from Eng Bee Tin (Php45 each)

Mochi and Mochaccino from Eng Bee Tin (Php45 each)

Mochi I really liked! It was a chocolate powdered glutinous rice. Then there was also a new product, Hopia and Tikoy in one – hopia for me will never be the same again. Their Mochaccino was also delightful, it was bittersweet and it suited my taste perfectly. I wish I’d bought more of those…

That’s one note to self when I come back to Ongpin for round 2! Can’t wait for the next Ongpin food trip, I hope Nathan schedules one soon! *hint hint* Who wants to come with?? 🙂


Serry Restaurant

#801-803 Gandara St. Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines

Dong Bei Dumplings

642 Yuchengco St (formerly Nueva St.) Binondo, Manila

Masuki Mami Restaurant

931 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila, Philippines

Tel. No. 244-07-45, 243-2674

Eng Bee Tin

628 Ongpin St. Binondo, Manila Philippines