Reality of life, victory through Christ

Once you become a Christian, does this mean everything will become bright and sunny instantly? Does this mean all bad things in your life will suddenly disappear? Is it like seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? Skipping and hopping your way into heaven?

Last Wednesday in GLC I was able to realize that though all of these may seem somehow true, it also entails a lot of things. I agree with what the speaker said that being a Christian involves struggles. Because now you are turning your back on the life that you used to have. And yet there would be the itch of wanting to go back to what is normal to you.

Now you want to realign yourself with His original design for you. As you realize the gravity of His love for us – His passion and His sacrifice, you become acquainted with wanting to bringing glory to God every time.

Your conviction now is stronger than before. You become watchful of yourself and you think twice before doing. You are struggling to overcome your natural sinful self. It means standing up for what is right, swallowing the bitter pill of your pride, humbling yourself, being the servant of many, and all at the same time realizing your true desire.

As His disciple you are pushing yourself to be MORE for Him. It is the urgency to stretch your character and triumph over the temptation and the tendency to sin.

Although there may be an inner battle, you lift these up and trust in the grace of Christ because the reality is we can never be victorious on our own will. We are weak, sinful people. But in our weakness, all the more you will see how He is moving in your life.

It may be difficult to remain true  to your commitment. It is normal. Every trial is part of any commitment. But as Pastor Peter said yesterday, nobody committed to follow Christ and regretted it. It may even be the best thing that you have ever done for yourself and in your lifetime.

The reality of sin and the reality of life may hit you hard but suddenly everything becomes sunny and bright. It is because you know that enduring these struggles, you are molded and perfected, lacking in nothing (James 1:4). Ultimately, you know that through Christ we are saved, and we are able to receive eternal life.