Hot for Torch

Up for an elegant flambé with a finale of flaming desserts? Well you walked through the wrong door, this is not it. =)

But Torch was such a delicious surprise even without the flame that came with its name. It wasn’t the least bit disappointing. It was a tad pricey though but if you’re out for a laid back dinner or a night out with friends, this place is best for that much longed for, and much deserved Friday chill out.

  The Soft-Shell Crab Salad I started to attack as soon as the plate was laid on the table hinted that it was going to be a promising dinner.

(Not to mention that their crew was especially nice too that even before we decided to place our order, house water was served, they were very attentive to our needs and ready to move  at our slightest whim)

Soft Shell Crab Salad (P299.95)

The mangoes and grapes that were in it gave it the extra oomph. They weren’t that generous though with the soft shell crab, but it was enough that we didn’t have to start a war on who would get what.

It gets better. Torch’s Chicken Barbeque Sandwich really made my mouth water.

Chicken Barbeque Sandwich (P294.95)

It was covered in melted cheese and the grilled chicken breast was oozing with Torch’s special Barbeque sauce. There’s nothing like the good ol’ cheese to get my lips smacking. Other burgers on the menu looked equally appetizing like their Chicago Steak Sandwich which I dare try next time.

Now when I thought it couldn’t get any better, their Smoked Jabanero Glazed Salmon gave my tastebuds the time of the night.

Smoked Jabañero Glazed Salmon (P384.95

Served with unagi citrus sauce, mango salsa and garlic parsley rice. I was abstaining from rice but when I took a bite of salmon and rice – man. FORGET that No-rice diet! Bring in the whole sack. The salmon was fresh and it had a delicious combination of flavors that was complemented well by the garlic parsley rice. I just had to have more! Too bad though I was just given one bite left.

Everything on their menu was comfort food at its a-little-pricey best. From burgers to seafood, to salad and even japanese food on their menu. It offered a little more to your simple cravings.

If I’m going back? Let’s just say I’m hot for Torch.


63 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan
Telephone: +63 477-3771, 502-0000