Why do good things happen to those who do not even know Him?


I have been asked this question a couple of times. Even by people closest to me. Early this morning God gave me the answer. Ever ordered something in a restaurant and still want to take a bite of someone else’s … Continue reading

Simply Pie and Baked By Anita: Eastwood Market sweet and savory bites spotted!


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Remember the No Other Woman scene where Cristine Reyes was selling mini cupcakes in Mercato, Market Market? Well if you missed it, here’s a screen shot from the movie trailer. Kit Kat to the left was holding a piece. And … Continue reading

Cooking with the Athlete Chef: A Delicious & One-of-a-kind Reunion Night


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Cooking – it’s one of my frustrations. So I was more than happy to volunteer myself to cook with one of my favorite chefs, Anje in one of our hopefully quarterly reunions. Yes I insisted and begged to help her … Continue reading

Kogi Bulgogi: Spending a night of Sunday the Korean way


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Korean dishes are one of the healthiest – according to Jason. So one Sunday night we were free to indulge in our heart’s desire of Korean food. Kogi Bulgogi in Eastwood was able to satisfy our grumbling tummies (after some … Continue reading

The Chef Jessie experience


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Last March, it was our pleasure and honor to be invited to the graduation celebration of my second cousin Makee in Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club. She graduated in Assumption College Grade School in Makati with Academic Honors. Chef Jessie … Continue reading