Simply Pie and Baked By Anita: Eastwood Market sweet and savory bites spotted!

Remember the No Other Woman scene where Cristine Reyes was selling mini cupcakes in Mercato, Market Market? Well if you missed it, here’s a screen shot from the movie trailer.

No Other Woman with Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsey

Kit Kat to the left was holding a piece. And that piece is from no other than a cupcake from Baked By Anita.

One Sunday noon in Eastwood, I spotted these cute, bite-sized cupcakes that really sparked my curiosity. You see I’m not that type of person who is “tikim-tikim” lang. I’d rather EAT. And give me a large serving please!!! (Make it double serving)

So looking at it, I feel like I’d need a couple more bites to reach my minimum required sugar meter for the day.

Baked by Anita goodies

So Jason and I tried their mini cupcake. I got their hazelnut flavor at around Php35 pesos. It really tasted like hazelnut and I was even wondering how to eat it. If I should just swallow the whole piece  or have mousy bites of it. Well.. I decided to relish every crumb so there went my little nibbles.

Bite sized sweets

Meeting the owner, Anita Li was really fun too. She told us that she used to just cook in her kitchen and when she had the big idea of mini cupcakes, people discouraged her. But she proved them wrong and this novel idea is now patronized by many.

It isn’t a surprise, these sweet treats stirred my cravings for sweets. The cupcake was moist and soft and it didn’t crumble easily. The icing was really creamy and had the texture of sugar in my mouth.

I’m not sure if the idea is to tickle our tastebuds so we’d actually have bites of the other goodies as well.

(From L-R) Carlo Jason Tan, Gail Ang of Simply Pie, Anita Li of Baked by Anita, Yours Truly

Since my human weight monitor was around (*cough* Jason), I wasn’t able to get my second cupcake.

So we then moved on to our next agenda:  Gail Ang’s Simply Pie stall for some homemade savory pies.

Simply Pie’s Savory Delights

2 years ago, Jason and I were lucky to have taste tested Gail’s relatively new business then. We were able to try her lychee pie which was delivered hot and fresh from the oven. The edge of the crust had the right crispiness to it and as i sank my teeth into the lychee pie, steam rose up and the right sweetness and flavor was overwhelming – I knew that we were going to meet again.

Simply Pie in Eastwood Weekend Market

This time around in Eastwood, we tried Gail’s new product, Mini Quiches. You can take it home frozen or take it out cooked. Jason and I were able to try Spinach, Feta and Mushroom variety at Php40 per mini quiche. We also took out a box containing 9 assorted Mini Quiches flavors.

Jason trying out Simply Pie

Here are their other flavors:

Per piece –  Php40

Box of 9 – Php350

Spinach, Feta and Mushroom

Bacon and Gruyere

Mushroom and Sour Cream

Shrimp and Garlic

Three Cheese

Their savory pies are delicious and what’s best about it is that you can store them and heat it at home. Their other product during that time was Savoury Turnovers. I wasn’t able to try this but I can pretty much bet on it that it is going to live up to my first impression of Simply Pie and that I’m coming back for more. 🙂


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