Paire Cocktails and Pastries: Interesting twist to desserts and drinks

Who says that cream and alcohol can’t go together? (Did I just see Jason raising his hand? :P) Here at Paire Cocktails and Pastries, they’ve just debunked that theory. We got to indulge in desserts and drinks without resulting to a queasy tummy.

The restaurant was quite small but homey with pillows on the seats. It had the feel of just lounging around in your friend’s living room. You could just sit there and talk for hours on end since it was comfy and cozy.

We didn’t have dinner yet so we decided to just grab a bite in the same place. (Photos are c/o Julz by the way, for the nth time I didn’t have my camera with me :p )

Beef Salpicao (Php260.00)

Jason had his rice meal, beef salpicao. He said it wasn’t exceptional, but it was okay. I wanted to taste for myself and asked permission to poke my fork (yet again) in his plate. The beef salpicao was well…. I agree with Jason, we’ve tasted more delicious ones. Although it wasn’t too salty and the beef was just right, I still think it was a tad pricey for that kind.

Sloppy Joe Burger (Php 190.00)

As for me, I decided to go for their Sloppy Joe Burger. It couldn’t get more sloppy than this! It was served with chips, and in a toasted burger bun. It was messy alright and really saucy. The ground pork in sauce had a sour bite for an after taste. It was comfort food – fried potato chips, messy food that says “I don’t care what you say, love me or hate me, but I’m messy this way”.

We couldn’t wait to move on to the desserts – what we came here for in the first place.

In Paire Cocktails and Pastries, they serve desserts along with specially concocted drinks that would compliment the sweetness / tanginess of the pastry.

A Fine Paire (Php 290.00)

Jason decided to get their bestseller, A Fine Paire.

Sorry I wasn’t able to take a decent photo. My photo didn’t justify how good it was. At first I was kind of wary since it was Spinach & Cheese Tart (I wanted something sweet since what I had was salty already) served with sparkling lemon wine. So Jason took this order and I had another one. As soon as I took a bite of the pastry, left a bit of it in my mouth and sipped on the wine, much to my surprise, it was the best dessert for me of this night!

The sourness of the lemon wine complimented the saltiness of cheese and spinach. Jason and Julz tried analyzing it – chemistry wise – but as for me, I just knew, I had to give it to Paire for creating this fine fine pair.

For the guys though, I don’t think they’ll enjoy this. Jason found the texture unpleasantly mushy in his mouth. It had the feel of cream puff to it where the hard shell is filled with cream. I guess this was specially crafted for ladies, I had another glass of lemon wine (Php 170.00) after.

Ice Cream Whip (Php 250.00)

I was really craving for cookies and sweets that night. So i got myself this ice cream sandwiched in Chocolate Chip Cookie paired with Chocolate – Cinnamon Martini. The cookie was okay but I didn’t like the drink too much. The drink didn’t compliment well with the dessert since both were sweet. There wasn’t a new flavor to it that would spice up the combination. Also this drink tasted of alcohol of all the 3 drinks we had. When I think of their martini, I suddenly craved for Mudshake.

Black Forest (Php 200.00)

Julz had the Black Forest Paire which was a Spiked Choco Sandwich served with a Berry Blast Cocktail. Individually it was okay. I wasn’t able to have it paired since I immediately gobbled down the piece of choco sandwich even before I had a sip-serving of the drink. The berry blast cocktail was yum. It had the right mix of sweetness and sourness to it, it didn’t taste like alcohol at all!

Maybe we had too much because we were a bit woozy after. Well maybe because I also had that extra drink – sparkling lemon wine. It’s now my favorite cocktail it was very pleasant to sip on.

I would recommend Paire Cocktails & Pastries just for the sake of wanting to try something new. It’s a really interesting place to go to, and I’d love to test all their other pairs on different times of course. I wouldn’t want to go home all woozy and tipsy after having these delightful pairs. 🙂

Julz and I

Me, Jason and Mj


Paire Cocktails and Pastries

Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Scout Tobias cor Scout Rallos West Triangle, Quezon City
Tel No.: (02) 579-1554