The Wedding Reception hunt

Hotel, Events Place or destination?

After the proposal last July 2012, finding a reception venue is probably 2nd of the major decisions Jason and I had to do for the Wedding. I asked around and researched among friends on what places they suggest.

At first we intended to have Destination wedding for the reason that the guests would be limited to those who consider us important too in their lives (AHEM) since they would be traveling quite a distance to reach the reception. But then it would be hard to mobilize our guests especially relatives in going there.

When we threshed it out and cut to our concerns, we considered the following:

1. The reception budget

2. the number of guests

3. good deals/packages.

Event places we looked into are Blue Leaf in The Fort, Oasis in Aurora and Glass Garden in Santolan.

Glass Garden

Glass Garden

What we like about events place was that we could shoot outdoors and have the rustic / garden theme. They also had in-house caterers which you could choose from. The caterers are in charge of providing you with the tiffany chairs, centerpieces, cake, wine for toasting.

Blue Leaf reception

Blue Leaf reception

Events place would also be sometimes providing bridal cars, doves (for your program) the sound system as well as projectors. But double check on their projectors since some are so used up and faulty already and are not in sync with the videographers/photographers setup. No more Same Day Edit (SDE) viewing in your program if that happens.

Blue Leaf offers a complimentary overnight stay in Peninsula as part of the package which is also good since you would want to take that much needed rest after all those planning.

All packages for events place could be OFFSET meaning you can opt to bring in your own caterer, or you can offset a package like bridal car and convert it to food.

What I like about the Events Place is that you could have your church wedding outdoors (for Christian weddings) and then go indoors for the reception or vice versa. It would be less hassle for your guests should you opt to do this.

However when we compared the price to hotels like for Blue Leaf, it almost amounted to that of a hotel.

For a commendable Lauriat course, friends recommended Crowne Plaza, Edsa Shangrila and Richmonde Hotel.

Edsa Shangril reception

Edsa Shangrila reception

Richmonde Hotel could only accommodate 250 pax maximum in their ballroom.

What we like about hotels is that it is a complete package already. They will provide you with almost everything and you need not think much about it. Plus you are also sure about the quality of the food and the efficiency of the staff.

Edsa Shangrila had really nice facilities and you can shoot outdoors plus they have this nice staircase which you can exploit (in Wedding Photos).

Crowne Plaza offers tried and tested Chinese food. They don’t have much places to shoot though since they have an escalator in place of a grand staircase. But well it’s really up to our photographer and videographer to find the best locations, right? 🙂 Booking with them for food tasting can get tricky because you can get bumped off. (twice  =/ )

Events  Place, Destination Wedding or Hotel is really up to you. 🙂

They have their pros and cons but at the end of the day apart from our top 3 non-negotiables above we consider the following as well:

1. What place would make you comfortable

2. Who among the AE’s is easy to talk to, flexible and accommodating,

3. Which is more convenient for both you and your guests

and of course

4. Research and get recommendations from whoever has had their wedding there.


Edsa Shangri-la

1 Garden Way, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City, Ortigas, Pasig

Manila,, Philippines

Tel No: 02-6338888


Crowne Plaza

 Ortigas Ave Corner Asian Development Bank Ave Quezon City , 1100 Philippines

Tel No: 02-6337222


Richmonde Hotel

17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City,Bagumbayan, Quezon City 1110,

Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel No.: 5707777



 169 Aurora Boulevard San Juan, Metro Manila

Tel No.: 02-7214585, 02-7245016


The Blue Leaf Pavillion

100 Park Avenue McKinley Hill Village

Taguig City, Philippines 1633

Tel No.: 02-8872175


The Glass Garden

257 Evangelista St. Brgy. Santolan, Pasig

Tel No.: 02-646.5323, 748.1727, 703.2783