Hassle free Marriage license application in Marikina City

Good thing Jason lives in Marikina where everything is fast, efficient, clean, not to mention orderly, plus they have free coffee too. 🙂

Marriage license application in the Philippines needs to be applied in either the bride / groom’s city where he / she resides. I couldn’t express the gratefulness of having Jason live in one of the most organized cities in the Philippines, Marikina City.

Marikina CIty Hall

Marikina CIty Hall

Last November, Jason applied for CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) already as this is one of the requirements. This has a validity of about 3 months and thus we needed to apply for marriage license within 3 months.

Marriage License requirements were:

1. 2 Valid ID’s (I brought my universal id and driver’s license)


3. Birth Certificate (a photocopy will do)

4. Cedula (for both bride and groom)

5. My mother. (seriously)

Since i was still 25 years old, I needed to bring my mother (1 parent present is enough) to sign the Parent’s Advice affidavit to be provided by Marikina City Hall. This is needed for those getting married from 21-25 years old. Father’s consent is needed for ages 18-21 years old.

In the first window we went to, we claimed the application form that we needed to fill out. They gave us 4 forms. Left column was for the guy, right column was for the girl.

Marikina City Hall also has tables and chairs so we were very comfortable in filling out the forms as we didn’t need to find a place to write. It was already provided for. 🙂

It is important to write legibly so as to avoid the problems and the hassle of correcting misspelled names. Please don’t take this for granted, as during the time of our parents, they would sometimes ask their relatives or friends to fill it out for them thus resulting to much hassle and consequences.

We submitted the 4 forms, plus the requirements above, and my mother’s advice form in the first window we went to.

In turn, we were given a charge slip to pay for the Marriage License  and the Marriage Contract which cost for about Php 150.00. We then went to Window 9 (i think) as the Treasurer’s Office. After getting the official receipt, we went back to the first window where we submitted all those documents.

We were given a slip indicating the date of release of our Marriage license (10 days after application) and also the available schedule of the Family Planning seminar we had to attend. From the usual Fridays that they hold it, they moved the seminars to Monday / Tuesday depending on how many attendees there were.

Marikina City Hall and Marikina Health Center were quite near with each other. We moved to the Health Center after to sign up for either a Monday / Tuesday seminar.

We went up to the 5th floor and turned over the receipt given by the City Hall. We also had to pay for the seminar here and we were given a questionnaire each.

Questionnaire was in Filipino so be prepared for some really deep terms. Questions like who should be the FIRST to approach whom to make amends after a fight. Or how many children would you want, or if you are open for adoption. So far Jason and I had the same answers. (ahem, since we were helping each other out, along with my mom, in identifying the deep terms)

Here in Marikina, everything is really efficient and quick. I thought it was going to take the whole day but it didn’t. You could do it in two hours or less.

So if you’re going to marry a Marikeno or Marikena, I’d say go apply in the city where everything is easy and everyone is helpful, Marikina City. 🙂