Building New Memories with AirAsia in Manila


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An admirable married couple once told us, Honeymoon after the wedding is one of the best new memories for a newlywed. This is what we can always return to when a challenge arises in our life. 5 months have gone … Continue reading

Coffee, Car accidents & Compassion


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It’s quite a rare sight to see me on-the-go and go “aye aye captain”¬†when my alarm clock goes off. So when it happened one morning and at an earlier time than usual, I felt good about myself. I didn’t hit … Continue reading

Rustic Mornings: Homemade Heaven


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One early Saturday morning, I was urged to pull away from our comfy comforters, hurry and get my working clothes on by my hubby because he was going to take me somewhere nice for breakfast. Boy was I in for … Continue reading