Rustic Mornings: Homemade Heaven

One early Saturday morning, I was urged to pull away from our comfy comforters, hurry and get my working clothes on by my hubby because he was going to take me somewhere nice for breakfast.

Boy was I in for a sweet surprise. Hubby wanted to make our Saturdates regular and a bit more special than the ordinary so he makes it a point to research on the nice places to go to near our area.

There we discovered and found our breakfast home, Rustic Mornings just near Shoe Museum. A homey restaurant until 4pm which turns into Isabelo, a lovely dining place at night.


I fell in love with the place the moment I set foot on it. This is a dream place for me. I’ve always liked rustic designs and this was even my peg for our wedding. Here I was in Rustic Heaven. And breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. So needless to say, this really captured my heart.


The love bench <3



I was also pleased to see this tree design which I absolutely adored.

God is bountiful indeed :)

God is bountiful indeed 🙂

The atmosphere was very homey as it had elements that came from your grandparents attic and also peaceful as we were communing with nature at the same time. We noticed that Rustic Mornings seems to be well loved. It was pretty packed when we got here and the people just kept piling in even until we left. We were glad to have a table near the counter so they could easily attend to our orders.

A bell to ring for our orders :)

A bell to ring for our orders 🙂

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

I skipped coffee just for that Saturday to get their hot chocolate. I didn’t need to put any sugar or milk in it to actually appreciate the tablea that they used. Though I have a sweet tooth I found that it was sweet enough already to add any more sugar in it.

Super Juice (Php 120.00)

Super Juice (Php 120.00)

Hubby made the healthy choice and had Super Juice which is a blend of pineapple, orange, mango, carrots and lime.

Crispy Waffle (Php 150.00) + Mango Cubes (Php 15.00)

Crispy Waffle (Php 150.00) + Mango Cubes (Php 15.00)

Crispy Waffle (Php 150.00) + Mango Cubes (Php 15.00)

Crispy Waffle Top View

Rustic Mornings boasts of their homemade meals. Even the recipe for the butter used was homemade as they claimed. I really liked the butter as it wasn’t too creamy or overly tasty like the butters in the grocery. It had just a hint of saltiness to it and it easily melted when spread on waffle.

Serving was also HUGE. I actually had a hard time finishing it. If I had too much sweets (Waffles + Hot Chocolate), I craved for something salty. We then ordered some homemade hash browns for the last bite.

Homemade hashbrown (Php 80.00)

Homemade hashbrown (Php 80.00)

Hubby wasn’t a fan of anything fried but he admitted to enjoy this particular hash brown and declared that it was indeed quality. I couldn’t agree more. At Php 80.00, the hash brown came as a pair to satisfy us both.

Beef Tapa (Php 235.00)

Beef Tapa (Php 235.00)

Hubby’s order was beef tapa and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Tapa wasn’t too hard to chew on, serving was huge and it was tasty.

What we liked most about the place was the experience of having an elegant picnic date with someone to care for your needs and whims. Hehe. Also they had very fast service and they were attentive.

This instantly became our favorite breakfast place within the vicinity where we enjoyed a business meeting and quality conversation all at one time. It was very much conducive for both. We were supposed to dine here yesterday for our Saturdate but we missed the advisory that it was closed due to a function.

Good thing it is just close by, that we can drop by for a quiet escape, a quick business meeting or a lovely conversation anytime. 🙂

Loving Saturdates :)

Loving Saturdates 🙂


Rustic Mornings

#1 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, 1801 Marikina City

(02) 510-6914