Mama Chit’s Coffee House: Bites of the Famed Burger

Is it anything like the commercial burgers out there? That’s the first thing I wanted to know ever since it was featured on TV. My curiosity was soon fed when my hubby decided to surprise me with an impromptu afternoon date at this famed Bike shop turned Burger joint along J.P. Rizal in Marikina.


According to my hubby (who is a blue-blooded Marikeno, ahem), a famous bike shop was built in that area and later on it expanded, thus the birth of Mama Chit’s. It then became that go to place for Marikenos if you wanted to get that burger fix.

Vintage items in Mama Chit's

Vintage items in Mama Chit’s

We visited the place at what we believed to be a “dead hour” but to our surprise, it was still packed at 4:00PM and even the seats outside were occupied. We had trouble finding a parking slot since it is always crowded in their area. We had to park a bit farther down the road to have a bite of these widely spoken of burgers.

Mama Chit’s had a memorabilia and “junk-shop” inspired theme.

Used cans as makeshift "drapes"

Used cans as makeshift “drapes”

It was warmly lit inside but we also enjoyed daylight outside as we satisfied our craving. It was quite small inside and can only seat around 15-18pax. But it’s okay we like the outdoors anyway. πŸ™‚

6We ordered at the counter and got their cheeseburger and potato chips. Lowest priced burger is 95 pesos – this being their regular one. They also carried Cherry Cola and Cherry 7 Up.

Cherry Cola (Php 50.00)

Cherry Cola (Php 50.00)

Maybe it’s because they had a lot of customers, but it took quite some time for their lone server to serve us the Cherry Cola which is just inside their chiller and despite our many follow ups. The burgers arrived prior to our flavored soft drink (which costs a whopping 50 pesos). We liked it though and it does taste like sweet cherries.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips

Cheeseburger (Php 100.00)

Cheeseburger (Php 100.00)

The cheeseburgers came with a tomato, lettuce and mayo on a delicious wheat bun. Β To be honest, this visit was a bit disappointing. Had the service been faster, it would have made the experience a definite thumbs up.

However when it comes to their burgers, the second time that I had it and enjoyed it in the comfort of our home, it was way more satisfying than my first bite! The burger patty was juicy and very tasty. Spiced with black pepper, the flavor of the beef came out and flooded my tastebuds. It became a lot more appetizing i believe due to quality time and conversation with my hubby over dinner.


Mama Chit’s Cafe gets filled up pretty fast, best time to drop by is at 10AM or 3PM. πŸ™‚


278 J.P. Rizal Street, San Roque, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 646-8547