That Chilly Canyon Cove Weekend in Batangas

Our summer started quite early this year as we went to the beach this January. The water was freezing! The chilly 2013 December breeze probably caught the Manila traffic as it arrived only this 2014. We didn’t expect it would be 24 degrees and even lower so we didn’t bring any jackets and sweaters with us.

Well, we were going to the beach. And we thought we were going to soak under the sun. But times have changed and with all the climate confusion, I know better next time to bring a sweater along my swimsuit.

Our friend MJ found a coupon deal so my hubby and I only had to pay 3,000 for that Canyon Cove overnight stay. Canyon Cove was relatively easy to find. We took the road going to Tagaytay – I believe it was the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. The resort was a bit farther down the Nasugbu road.

Canyon Cove ground was huge. You really need a car or a ride going to this place. From the gate of the resort, we had to go downhill to the parking and the lobby area.

Our room during that quick getaway

Our room during that quick getaway

For 2, our suite was enough as it was big and spacious. It had a bar table with high chairs, an extra bed, and TV with cable.

photo 3

Plus it had a veranda overlooking a fantastic view of the beach and the mountains nearby.

photo 2

The sight was absolutely breathtaking. 🙂 Praise God for His wonderful creation. I would love to wake up to this.

The boys

Louie, MJ and the hubby

After we settled into our rooms, we explored the area with our teeth chattering. It was really cold!

The building where we stayed

Dining Hall on the first floor 🙂

But seeing the huge pool, I felt like a kid raring to jump in, (despite the eternal goosebumps on my skin ever since we set foot here).

The pool! :D

The pool! 😀

Of course I wanted to practice my swimming  which was taught by my hubby. So yes we did some night swimming stubborn as we were.

The food served in the dining hall was Max’s. Yey. Comfort food. There weren’t any restaurants nearby so we just enjoyed the all too familiar and yummy selection that Max’s offered. It took us 2 hours or so having dinner as we stuffed ourselves with chicken and filled each other in on the events of our lives.

I wanted to try the beach the following day but really the breeze was tremendously chilly. We were shivering until the day after! MJ though was brave enough to take the plunge in Canyon Cove beach.

My hubby and I didn’t even dare open our air-condition in our room during the night since we constantly felt the icy air on our skin.

Almost powdery sand :)

Almost powdery sand 🙂

photo 10

I love Boracay but I must say the almost powdery sand here in Canyon Cove was good enough and what’s better is that it’s just 2-3 hours away from Manila! The shores weren’t rocky and the sand was just lovely on our feet.

Too bad it was freezing during that time, I wasn’t able to enjoy the beach as much as I wanted to. The moment the water touched my feet I shivered instantly!

But I didn’t want to waste our time there so I still soaked in the pool until the very last minute that I had to get out to pack up. As a result, I caught the cold and had it for almost a week. 🙁

Our stay was quite short, it would be better to check in for 2 nights to enjoy the lounging around, the tanning and soaking the summer sun.

If you want to enjoy a quick getaway just a few hours away from Manila, Canyon Cove is a great place to stay but given their rates, I’m willing to wait around again for the next great deal offered online. 🙂


Canyon Cove

Far East Road, Piloto Wawa
Nasugbu, Batangas


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